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Arbitration Law of Pakistan by ULLAH

Arbitration Law of Pakistan

By Ikram Ullah


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About this book:

Arbitration Law of Pakistan, authored by Pakistan’s leading arbitrator, practitioner, and legal scholar, is a pioneering book that furnishes in-depth coverage of all significant topics of Pakistani law on both domestic and foreign arbitration, ranging from the drafting of the arbitration agreement to the enforcement of arbitral awards. Driven to a significant extent by Pakistan’s rapidly growing status in trade and economic partnerships, particularly considering the country’s role in the China and Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), interest in Pakistan’s dispute settlement regime is on the rise. 

What’s in this book:

Delving deep into the Pakistani statutes and case law affecting arbitration and bilateral investment treaties (BITs), the author elucidates the following issues and topics:

  • concepts of separability, arbitrability, and competence-competence;
  • rules governing the conclusion, interpretation, and enforcement of arbitration agreements;
  • grounds on which courts assume jurisdiction;
  • legal issues concerning the stay of court proceedings in both domestic and foreign arbitration;
  • constitution of arbitral tribunals;
  • interim measures;
  • judicial review of both domestic and foreign arbitral awards; and
  • available remedies of appeal and revision.

How this will help you:

Deemed to become the most prominent authority on the arbitration law of Pakistan, this first-of-its-kind book will prove to be immensely valuable to Pakistani practitioners, arbitrators, judges, students, and academics as the first pragmatic guide to arbitration practice and procedure in their country.  It will also be appreciated by foreign practitioners approaching Pakistani courts seeking interim measures and enforcement of arbitration agreements and arbitral awards. Additionally, both domestic and foreign businesspeople will discover clear paths to well-informed decisions on investment and commercial issues involving Pakistan. 

Publish Date 06/21/2021
Product Line Kluwer Law International
ISBN 9789403517025
SKU 10079093-0002
Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Separability, Governing Laws and Jurisdiction of Pakistani Courts on Arbitration Matters

Chapter 3. The Concept of Arbitrability: A need for Adjustment in Pakistani Legal Regime

Chapter 4. Interpretation of Arbitration Agreements by Pakistani Courts

Chapter 5. Power of Arbitrator to Interpret the Consent to Arbitrate in Pakistan

Chapter 6. Stay of Court Proceedings in Favour of Arbitration in Pakistan

Chapter 7. Attitude of Pakistani Courts to Anti-suit and Anti-arbitration Injunctions

Chapter 8. Constitution of Arbitral Tribunal: Interplay between Power of Parties and Pakistani Courts

Chapter 9. Pakistani Legal Regime on Interim Measures in Arbitration

Chapter 10. Intensity of Judicial Review of Arbitral Awards by Pakistani Courts

Chapter 11. Challenge of Domestic Award Before Pakistani Courts

Chapter 12. Public Policy in Arbitration in Pakistan

Chapter 13. Pakistani Treatment of Due Process in Arbitration

Chapter 14. Appealable Orders of Pakistani Court