Store International Arbitration in Germany. The Model Law in Practice- Second Edition
Arbitration in Germany. The Model Law in Practice- Second Edition

Arbitration in Germany. The Model Law in Practice- Second Edition

By K. Bockstiegel, Stefan Kröll, Patricia Nacimiento


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Arbitration in Germany. The Model Law in Practice provides you with a comprehensive analysis of German arbitration law. Written by leading practitioners and academics, it provides insights both from, and for all legal sectors where arbitration plays a role.

Until the first edition of this book, there had been no comprehensive and detailed presentation of the German arbitration law in English. In particular, no easily accessible Article by Article commentary existed. The positive feedback to this work, and the developments since its publication in 2007 have led to this timely new edition.

You’ll find a clear, detailed discussion of the many issues that can arise in the course of commercial arbitral proceedings. The authors offer comprehensive guidance to all parties either planning to arbitrate in Germany, or which are already involved in arbitral proceedings or arbitration-related court proceedings in Germany.

The first full, detailed commentary in English on the German arbitration law, this work also includes the rules of the German Institution of Arbitration (DIS).

How will this help you?

  • Practical – the work includes the use of the arbitration law in specific areas of practice such as banking, insurance, construction, maritime, and intellectual property – so that you can apply its guidance to your sector of work
  • Knowledgeable – you’ll discover how to deal with any questions arising in the area of German arbitration law
  • Comprehensive – the in-depth coverage of the Model Law will help you answer your clients’ queries with confidence

38 leading German lawyers and scholars deal comprehensively with the particular ways in which German law handles all arbitration matters. You’ll find coverage of issues including:

  • Extent of court intervention
  • Right to object
  • Form of arbitration agreement
  • Interim measures by court
  • Appointment of arbitrators
  • Form and content of award
  • Effect of arbitral award
  • Termination of proceedings
  • Recourse
  • Enforcement of award
  • Legal remedies

Arbitration in Germany. The Model Law in Practice - Second Edition will provide an invaluable resource for anyone working in this area to understand the Model Law in any of the jurisdictions that have adopted that law.

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Pages 1208
Publish Date 12/01/2014
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ISBN 9789041158604
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Table of Contents

Foreword to the First Edition

Foreword to the Second Edition


Contributing Authors

List of Abbreviations

Part I: Germany as a Place for International and Domestic Arbitrations – General Overview

Part II: Commentary on the German Arbitration Law (10th Book of the German Code of Civil Procedure)

Part III: Commentary on the Arbitration Rules of the German Institution of Arbitration (DIS Rules)

Part IV: Selected Areas and Issues of Arbitration in Germany

Annex I

Annex II

Annex III