Store International Arbitration in England with chapters on Scotland and Ireland
Arbitration in England with chapters on Scotland and Ireland by

Arbitration in England with chapters on Scotland and Ireland

Edited by Julian D.M. Lew, QC, Harris Bor, G. Fullelove, Joanne Greenaway


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England is a leading centre for arbitration, both international and domestic, arising out of all manner of contractual disputes and industry sectors. This book comprises contributions from well-known arbitration practitioners and scholars who present, in a straightforward and readable fashion, the rich and varied nature of arbitration in England today. The early chapters describe the development of the arbitral system in England and its traditional leading institutions, the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA) and the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb). They also provide a unique focus on the specialist areas of commodity, maritime, construction and sports arbitration. The remainder of the book deals with the law and practice of arbitration in England and concludes with two additional overview chapters relating to arbitration in Scotland and the Republic of Ireland respectively. Insightful and practical guidance is given in relation to a number of key areas, including:
  • appointing and challenging arbitrators;
  • applicable law and the influence of EU law;
  • the role of the court, including anti-suit and anti-arbitration injunctions and interim relief;
  • arbitration procedure and practice in ad hoc and institutional arbitrations;
  • factual and expert evidence, including privilege and electronic document production;
  • challenges to, and appeals from, awards;
  • recognition and enforcement of awards; and
  • multilateral and bilateral investment treaty arbitration.

Anyone whose pursuits or responsibilities require knowledge of arbitration in England – including practitioners, in-house counsel, business persons, academics, and students around the world – will benefit enormously from this thorough study and analysis of contemporary arbitration practice in the jurisdiction.

Pages 792
Publish Date 07/24/2013
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Product Line Kluwer Law International
ISBN 9789041139986
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Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Development of the Arbitral System in England.

Chapter 2. Relevant Aspects of the English Legal System.

Chapter 3. Arbitration in Context.

Chapter 4. The London Court of International Arbitration.

Chapter 5. The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

Chapter 6. Ad Hoc Arbitrations.

Chapter 7 . Commodity Arbitration.

Chapter 8. Maritime Arbitration.

Chapter 9. Engineering and Construction Arbitration.

Chapter 10. Sports Arbitration.

Chapter 11 . The English Statutory Framework.

Chapter 12. Applicable Substantive Law.

Chapter 13 . The Application of EU Law to Arbitration in England.

Chapter 14. Multilateral and Bilateral Investment Treaties and the United Kingdom.

Chapter 15. Duties of Arbitrators.

Chapter 16. Challenges to and Replacement of Arbitrators.

Chapter 17 . Rights and Duties of the Parties and Counsel.

Chapter 18. International Arbitration in England: A Procedural Overview.

Chapter 19. Arbitrability.

Chapter 20 . Support and Supervision by the Courts.

Chapter 21. Confidentiality in Arbitrations in England.

Chapter 22. Multi-party and Multi-contract Arbitration.

Chapter 23. Factual Evidence.

Chapter 24. Expert Evidence.

Chapter 25 . Challenges to Arbitration Awards.

Chapter 26. Enforcement of Awards.

Chapter 27 . Arbitration in Scotland.

Chapter 28. Arbitration Law in Ireland.

APPENDIX Arbitration Act 1996.

Table of Cases.



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'A treatise on English arbitration law co-edited by Julian DM Lew QC is a must in the library of any arbitration practitioner or scholar. London is one of the world's principal arbitration centres. Lew is a widely reputed international arbitrator and the author of many important works on arbitration, and could only be expected to come up with a high-quality publication.'

'Arbitration in England is therefore a very useful companion to another of Lew's significant contributions to the literature on arbitration, Comparative International Commercial Arbitration, co-edited with Loukas Mistelis and Stefan Kroll. It will certainly be a primary source of reference for this reviewer as for all those with an interest in arbitration. It is also a model for anyone intending to make other national arbitration laws known to an international public.

Luca Radicati di Brozolo in Global Arbitration Review, 2014