Store International Arbitration and Mediation in the Southern Mediterranean Countries
Arbitration and Mediation in the Southern Mediterranean Countries by

Arbitration and Mediation in the Southern Mediterranean Countries

Edited by Giuseppe de Palo, Mary B. Trevor


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In this highly informative and very useful book, thirty-three local experts describe the ongoing process of adopting and adapting modern techniques of dispute resolution for economic and commercial matters in Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, and the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Each chapter illustrates multiple techniques, including court processes as well as arbitration and mediation processes, against the backdrop of economic and legislative changes that have occurred region-wide since the late twentieth century.

The country-by-country presentations are especially valuable for their emphasis on how local ADR practices deal with, or are affected by, such factors as the following:

• civil procedure codes

• international conventions

• international enforcement of awards

• appeals

• qualifications of arbitrators and mediators

• rules of local, regional, and international ADR institutions

• costs

• involvement of the judiciary

• cultural aspects

• regional and international trade agreements

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Table of Contents
Foreword. Acknowledgments. Introduction. About the Editors. About the Contributors. Chapter 1. Algeria. Chapter 2. Egypt. Chapter 3. Israel. Chapter 4. Jordan. Chapter 5. Lebanon. Chapter 6. Morocco. Chapter 7. Syria. Chapter 8. Tunisia. Chapter 9. Turkey. Chapter 10. The West Bank and Gaza Strip. Appendix: Comparative Tables. Index.