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Arbitrating under the 2020 LCIA Rules: A User's Guide by RICHMAN

Arbitrating under the 2020 LCIA Rules: A User's Guide

By Maxi Scherer, Lisa Richman, Rémy Gerbay


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About this book:

Arbitrating under the 2020 LCIA Rules brings a diverse and complementary outlook on the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA). It is a follow-up to the authors’ previous book ‘Arbitrating under the 2014 LCIA Rules’ which was the first comprehensive study of the 2014 version of the LCIA Rules. The LCIA is the oldest of all major arbitral institutions that provides international dispute resolution services. The LCIA has embodied the ideals that underlie the arbitral alternative and set its face against undue delay, soaring cost, complexity, and acrimony. The LCIA administers cases arising under any system of law in any venue worldwide. Underscoring the institution’s international nature, and over 80% of parties in LCIA cases today are not of English nationality. This highly practical and user-friendly guide provides in-depth explanation and thorough analysis of the 2020 LCIA Rules that continue to promote the internationalization of the LCIA.

What’s in this book:

The new and revised rules affecting LCIA practice and procedure are described in detail in twenty-six chapters of the book, including the following: 

  • use of technology, accommodating virtual conferencing, remote hearings and electronically signed awards, and confirming the primacy of electronic communication with the LCIA;
  • tools to expedite proceedings, including the possibility of early dismissal determinations;
  • explicit consideration of data protection;
  • issues relating to bribery, corruption, terrorist financing, fraud, tax evasion, money laundering and/or economic or trade sanctions;
  • streamlined accommodations for consolidation, composite requests and concurrent conduct of arbitrations;
  • conduct of authorized representatives of a party;
  • requirements for appointment and removal of tribunal secretaries; and
  • revised schedules of arbitration and mediation costs.

The book examines the fundamental changes introduced by the 2020 Rules and the key reasons for choosing an LCIA arbitration through various stages of drafting an LCIA arbitration agreement.

How this will help you:

Providing references to essential national court judgments, statutory provisions, up-to-date statistics, and bibliographical sources on the LCIA Rules, this book is invaluable to business executives, corporate counsel and scholars of alternative dispute resolution. This book provides a unique and in-depth insight into this important area with the diverse and complementary outlook on LCIA arbitration, combined with academic and practical perspectives, from common law and civil perspectives.


Publish Date 07/14/2021
Product Line Kluwer Law International
ISBN 9789403533735
SKU 10057296-0002
Table of Contents

About the Authors

List of Abbreviations




Chapter 1 Introduction and the Institution

Chapter 2 Key Changes Introduced by the 2020 Rules

Chapter 3 Key Reasons for Choosing LCIA Arbitration

Chapter 4 Drafting an LCIA Arbitration Agreement

Chapter 5 Request for Arbitration

Chapter 6 Response

Chapter 7 Tribunal’s Jurisdiction

Chapter 8 Rules about Communications

Chapter 9 Formation of the Arbitral Tribunal

Chapter 10 Expedited Formation of the Arbitral Tribunal, Emergency Arbitrator and Expedited Replacement of Arbitrators

Chapter 11 Challenges, Removal  and Replacement of Arbitrators

Chapter 12 Tribunal Secretary

Chapter 13 Seat and Place of Arbitration

Chapter 14 Language of Arbitration

Chapter 15 Conduct of Proceedings And Default Timetable

Chapter 16 Hearings, Witnesses and Experts

Chapter 17 Special Powers of the Tribunal

Chapter 18 Multiple Parties, Consolidation and Joinder

Chapter 19 Interim and Conservatory Measures

Chapter 20 Authorized Representatives

Chapter 21 Costs and Advance Payment for Costs

Chapter 22 Awards and Correction of Awards

Chapter 23 Confidentiality

Chapter 24 Compliance and Data Protection

Chapter 25 Limitation of Liability

Chapter 26 General Rules


Annex I LCIA Arbitration Rules
Annex II LCIA Schedule of Arbitration Costs
Annex III LCIA Arbitration Rules 2014 and 2020 – Compared Version