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Arbitrating for Peace: How Arbitration Made A Difference by MAGNUSSON

Arbitrating for Peace: How Arbitration Made A Difference

Edited by Ulf Franke, Annette Magnusson, Joel Dahlquist


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Arbitrating for Peace: How Arbitration Made a Difference focuses on the geopolitical role played by international arbitration over the centuries. The book convincingly demonstrates how international arbitration has made a difference and contributed to peaceful resolution of conflicts. Although short of attaining the ideal of a ‘substitute for war’, arbitration has largely succeeded in peacefully resolving international disputes. Beyond that, arbitral commitments and arbitral processes have deepened civilized and cooperative international relations, promoted the development of international law and international institutions, and facilitated the well-being of mankind in important ways. Particulars of that proposition are set forth in this one-of-a-kind book.

What’s in this book:

With a chapter devoted to each of the fourteen landmark international arbitration cases – primarily state-to-state but also including commercial disputes with geopolitical dimensions – this book shows how arbitration has resolved disputes in such circumstances as the following:

  • potential escalation of armed conflict;
  • investor-state relations;
  • maritime boundaries and fishing rights;
  • expropriation of foreign companies;
  • interpretation of bilateral investment treaties;
  • mining rights;
  • acquisition of foreign territory;
  • environmental issues;
  • migrants’ access and protection; and
  • corruption of courts.

Each chapter is written by a practitioner and/or academic of high international standing. The project was initiated by the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, which celebrates its centennial in 2017 coinciding with the publication of this book.

How this will help you:

International arbitration is treated either in niche publications, written in a legalese terminology and aimed at lawyers with a special interest, or in a very general way in popular publications. This book bridges this gap by placing arbitration in a wider historical context, thereby making the subject more accessible beyond the narrow circle of specialists without losing its legal relevance. By focusing on landmark cases, the book contributes to a continued dynamic development of dispute resolution in complicated or sensitive geopolitical contexts and demonstrates how arbitration has and can continue to play an important role for international relations. Practitioners, political decision-makers and academics in any part of the world with an interest in international arbitration and international law or political history will find this book not only deeply informative but also immensely useful.

Pages 280
Publish Date 10/19/2016
Publish Frequency As Needed
Product Line Kluwer Law International
ISBN 9789041159540
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Table of Contents






Stephen M. Schwebel

Chapter 1: The Alabama Claims Arbitration: Statecraft and Stagecraft

Jan Paulsson

Chapter 2: The Asser Arbitration

Sabine Konrad

Chapter 3: Arbitrating Russian Concession Contracts: The Lena Goldfields Case

Sergei N. Lebedev & Natalia G. Doronina

Chapter 4:  The Trail Smelter Dispute

Andrea J. Menaker

Chapter 5:  The Rann of Kutch Arbitration

Robert G. Volterra

Chapter 6: The Iran-United States Claims Tribunal: A Unique Example of Arbitrating for Peace

Karl-Heinz Böckstiegel

Chapter 7: The Legacy of the Aminoil Award

Ahmed S. El-Kosheri

Chapter 8: Arbitrating in Stockholm during the Cold War: The US Embassy in Moscow

Kaj Hobér

Chapter 9: Arbitrating for Peace in the Middle East: The Taba Award

David W. Rivkin

Chapter 10: The Rainbow Warrior Affair: Thirty Years After

Anna Joubin-Bret

Chapter 11: The Brcko Arbitration

R. Jade Harry

Chapter 12: Asian Agricultural Products Limited v. Sri Lanka: Twenty-Five Years Later

Meg Kinnear & Francisco Grob

Chapter 13:  RosUkrEnergo versus Naftogaz of Ukraine

Johan Sidklev

Chapter 14:  The Abyei Arbitration: A Model for Peaceful Resolution of Disputes Involving Non-state Actors

Wendy Miles