Store International Antidumping: A Developing Country Perspective
Antidumping: A Developing Country Perspective

Antidumping: A Developing Country Perspective

By Reem Raslan


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This book aims to examine the use of antidumping laws as “temporary adjustment” safety valves. That is, domestic industries suddenly exposed to international competition need some measures to help them cope with the new market conditions

The book is divided into six chapters:

  • The introductory chapter first examines the definition of dumping and antidumping. it then evaluates antidumping regulation both at the national and WTO level;
  • The second chapter reviews current WTO antidumping law;.
  • The third and fourth chapters look at the antidumping experience of two developing countries: Egypt and India
  • The fifth chapter examines how current competition law deals with the practice of dumping. Accordingly, price discrimination law and predatory pricing law of both major competition law jurisdictions, the US and the EU are examined. This chapter aims to answer the question of whether competition law in its current form can replace antidumping law; and
  • Finally, the sixth chapter looks at economies of scale as barriers to effective competition.

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