Store International An Introduction To Air Law - 9th Revised Edition

An Introduction To Air Law - 9th Revised Edition

By I.H.Ph. Diederiks-Verschoor, Pablo Mendes de Leon


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The prodigious scope of legal expertise demanded by practice in the field of international aviation law has been met by this preeminent resource for decades. Now in its ninth edition, and as always brought fully up to date with the newest developments, it is ready to be of unmatched service to any practicing member of the air law community anywhere in the world.

Coverage includes such aspects as the following:

  • sovereignty in airspace;
  • market access and open skies agreements;
  • inter-airline cooperation;
  • the EU regime affecting air transport;
  • air carrier liability;
  • insurance and product liability;
  • safety regulation, including, ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs);
  • international and regional organizations;
  • rights in aircraft; and
  • aviation security.

In particular, the new edition incorporates material on such pressing current issues as liberalization of air services in all parts of the world, environmental protection, with references to measures regarding aircraft emissions, and criminal acts affecting the safety of aviation. The authors detail revisions to the EU-US Agreement on Air Transport and the EU regulatory regime, and describe recent conventions such as the 2009 ICAO Convention on third party liability and the Beijing Convention and Protocol of 2010. The presentation throughout brings the book’s coverage of jurisprudence on air carrier liability up to date, with new cases from the US, the UK, and other jurisdictions, including decisions of the EU Court of Justice. The book’s extensive references to scholarship in the field have been expanded and updated.

The many practitioners, officials, business people, and academics with a professional interest in aviation law will appreciate this new edition of one of the fundamental works in the field, and newcomers will discover an incomparable resource as it will help them to understand the multifaceted and complex regimes affecting the operation of aircraft and aviation services globally.

Pages 456
Publish Date 04/30/2012
Product Line Kluwer Law International
ISBN 9789041137296
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Table of Contents


List of Principal Abbreviations and Acronyms.

Glossary of Useful Terms.

Chapter 1 The Regime of International Civil Aviation.

Chapter 2 Economic Regulation and Market Access.

Chapter 3 The Regulatory Framework of the European Union.

Chapter 4 The Contractual Liability of the Carrier.

Chapter 5 Safety of Air Navigation and Accident Investigation.

Chapter 6 Product Liability.

Chapter 7 Surface Damage and Collisions.

Chapter 8 Insurance.

Chapter 9 Rights in Aircraft.

Chapter 10 Criminal Air Law.

Selected Bibliography.


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