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Edited by John Balfour , Brian F. Havel, Berend J.H. Crans, Peter van Fenema, Mark Franklin, Wybo P. Heere, Pablo Mendes de Leon , Onno Rijdsijk, George N. Tompkins Jr., Niels van Antwerpen
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Whenever authorities in the air and space law community have something to say, they are likely to say it in Air and Space Law, the preeminent journal of vital debate and information in this immensely important field.

Crossing all international and cultural lines--and presenting government, commercial and theoretical perspectives Air and Space Law provides lawyers, policymakers and businesspeople in the aviation and aerospace fields with penetrating articles that discuss and clarify such crucial issues as:

  • aircraft accident investigation and liability legislation
  • air traffic control and related issues like congestion and environmental problems
  • multilateral conventions and EC law relating to matters such as traffic rights and access to airports competition law
  • state aid
  • strategic alliances between airlines, airports, and aerospace manufacturers
  • security, credit and leasing interests involved in aircraft and aircraft engine transactions
  • initiatives and new technologies in the aviation and aerospace industries and the commercialization of space enterprise

Air and Space Law is also the first place to look for texts and in-depth commentary on important new and model legal instruments, summaries of important cases, conference reports, and news from international aviation and space organizations.

Regular bimonthly features include news of the EC Aviation Scene, a Case Law Digest, and book reviews. The journal's annual bibliography on air law is the most complete available.

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