Store Legal Advanced Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Practice, Second Edition
Advanced Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Practice, Second Edition

Advanced Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Practice, Second Edition

By Thomas J. Salerno, Craig D. Hansen, G. Christopher Meyer


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Written for the business bankruptcy specialist, this two-volume set offers an unsurpassed compilation of Chapter 11 statute and case law analysis prepared by some of the country's leading bankruptcy experts.

Advanced Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Practice, Second Edition covers such areas as:

  • Interim operation procedures and automatic stays
  • The pitfalls surrounding settlement of stay relief litigation
  • The treatment of intellectual property
  • Bankruptcy and retiree benefits
  • Release of guarantors
  • Payment of interest on secured claims
  • Cross-border insolvencies
  • Plus, a section on the special issues in railroad, airline, agriculture, and environmental reorganizations.
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ISBN 9780735527638
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Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Prebankruptcy Planning
  3. The Bankruptcy Court System
  4. Beginning of the Chapter 11 Case: The Varied Parties in Interest and Their Roles
  5. Collection and Preservation of Assets for the Estate
  6. "Keeping the Ship Afloat:" Interim Operations of Business in a Chapter 11 Case
  7. The Automatic Stay in the Chapter 11 Case
  8. Disclosure Statement
  9. Plan of Reorganization
  10. Getting the Plan Confirmed
  11. Postconfirmation Issues
  12. Tax Fundamentals for the Corporate Chapter 11
  13. Railroad, Airlines, and Environmental Reorganization: Special Issues and Claims Trading in Chapter 11 Proceedings
  14. Municipal Reorganizations
  15. Cross-Border Insolvencies

Table of Cases

Table of United State Code

Table of Bankruptcy Rules