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CCH Capital Changes is the leading tax authority for U.S. and international corporate actions. Since 1928, CCH Capital Changes has been helping shareholders and their advisors understand corporate actions of publicly traded securities, including any impact on the terms of the security and the tax consequences of the action.

CCH Capital Changes offers a suite of products that help clients meet their cost basis and tax analysis needs. The tax and legal professionals of CCH Capital Changes examine corporate actions from every angle and provide subscribers with daily analysis they can't get anywhere else. In addition, CCH Capital Changes offers access to more than 100 years of historical archive data. The in-depth independent analysis enables subscribers to see the critical information necessary for their cost basis calculations and understand key details of the transaction.

Utilizing our proprietary analysis methodology on a wide range of available source documents, we focus on reporting the impact of the event on the terms of the security and the tax consequences of the action. The editors of CCH Capital Changes do not merely redistribute data; they carefully research and scrutinize available information. They frequently contact primary sources for clarification and verification of critical data.

CCH Capital Changes covers both the U.S. and international markets U.S. Coverage - U.S. coverage includes all equities of publicly traded companies listed on U.S. exchanges including the New York Stock Exchange, the American Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, and Over-the-Counter (OTC), plus bonds, derivatives, and REITS.

International Coverage - CCH Capital Changes provides unparalleled coverage of non-U.S. equities, including those traded on U.S. Exchanges as ADRs (American Depository Receipts) as well as other international securities traded in their local countries. Current coverage includes Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland, Scandinavia, and limited coverage of other countries within the European Union as well as emerging markets.

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