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MediRegs Compliance Suite

Your single source for compliance and regulatory research

Our mid-level solution, ideal for program reviews, is a robust collection of compliance and reimbursement data and tools.

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A robust collection of compliance and reimbursement data in one location, Compliance Suite allows you to conduct targeted searches and leverage powerful tools and calculators. Ideal for compliance program reviews and accreditations, Compliance Suite was developed specifically for compliance officers, reimbursement analysts, fraud specialists, privacy officers, and auditors.

MediRegs Compliance Suite Dashboard

State Data

  • Regulations
  • Legislation
  • Medicaid
  • State Contractor LCDs and Bulletins
  • Archived LMRPs and LCDs

Compliance Resources

  • CFR and Federal Register, including CMS, HHS, SSA, and VA
  • Select CMS Libraries, including most Program Manuals and Transmittals
  • All Regulations, Current Year and Archives
  • CDC and Prevention
  • Clinical Laboratory Resources
  • Comprehensive Agency Libraries, including OIG, OSHA, FDA, FTC, IRS, NIH
  • Comprehensive CMS Library, including Manuals, Transmittals, FAQs, Court Cases, Program Memos, Forms, & Medicaid Policy
  • Court Cases, Fraud Settlements, Administrative Decisions
  • Drug Reimbursement Resources
  • Emergency Preparedness and Bioterrorism
  • Health Care Industry Analyses
  • HIPAA, all PPS and Physician resources, Stark, EMTALA, and Quality Libraries
  • State Regulations, Legislation and Medicaid
  • U.S. code, SSA, and Public Laws

Coding and Reimbursement Resources

Tools and Calculators

Powered by the Platform

  • Online access to content you can search and browse
  • Customized Daily Alerts
  • Customized Weekly Alerts
  • Customized Stored Search Alerts
  • Customized Personal Bookmark Folders
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