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Ensure program and revenue integrity with advanced audit and denials management tools and content.

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Manage your most advanced audit and denial management research, complex coding issues and payment analysis across multiple reimbursement methodologies with advanced tools.

Created for high-level health care professionals, MediRegs Master Suite is the most comprehensive coding, payment and compliance audit resource available. The MediRegs Master Suite provides advanced primary source content and expert tools — updated in real time —to ensure the integrity of your program, revenue, and audit documentation. The MediRegs Master Suite is a perfect fit for those high-level health care professionals who require instant access to the most robust coding, revenue and payment tools, and regulatory content, including unmatched archives—everything you need to ensure proper audit trail documentation. 
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Coding Tool Features

  • Robust archives for coding, payment, local coverage determinations, CMS manuals and federal regulations.
  • Code Explorer Next Generation allows users to search across multiple code sets by code, description or key terms for instant coding instruction (Code Notes), outpatient and physician payment rates and coding guidance including local coverage determinations and critical coding guidance in one location.
  • ICD-10 Explorer provides keyword search functionality for ICD-10 codes and guidelines, as well as translation of ICD-9 to ICD-10 codes using GEMs mapping scenarios.
  • NCCI Code Pair Checking tool demystifies code bundling issues. Now includes Medicaid edits!


Coding Guidance Resources

  • Includes a complete Coding Guidance Library with more than three dozen coding supplements, including AHA Coding Clinic for ICD & HCPCS, CPT® Assistant, CPT® Changes — An Insider's View archives and ASACrosswalk®.
  • A medical dictionary, select CMS Manuals, and Medicare coding and billing guides further expand the list of reference material you can access before a code is assigned.
  • Customizable daily and weekly alerts, stored search alerts and personal bookmark folders provide you with the information you need, when you need it.
Mediregs Healthcare Regulatory Research Tool

Compliance Resources

  • Includes full versions of CMS Manuals. CMS Claims Processing Manual (Pub 100-04), Benefit Policy Manual (Pub 100-02) and National Coverage Manual (Pub 100- 03) provide you with detailed instructions to comply with Medicare, andoutstanding archives for audit and appeal work.
  • WK Week In Review Newsletter keeps you abreast of regulatory, legislative and enforcement activities across Medicare.
  • CMS Transmittals, MLN Matters, Job Aids and CMS Frequently Asked Questions are updated daily to keep you apprised of real-time coding changes and discussions as they are released in one easily accessible place.
  • RAC Tracking tool helps you stay abreast of codes being investigated by government investigators.
  • A medical dictionary, CMS glossary, MLN Matters, Job Aids, fee schedule information, acronym tool and frequently asked questions further expand the list of reference material you can access before a code is assigned.
  • Customizable daily and weekly alerts, stored search alerts and personal bookmark folders provide you with the information you need, when you need it.
  • Includes Wolters Kluwer Health Net Newsletter and MediRegs educational webinars.


Medical Necessity Resources

  • State health care regulations, legislation and Medicaid manuals for all states. 
  • Instant access to LCDs and NCDs provide effective validation of the medical necessity of ordered outpatient and physician procedures and services. Additional access to Advanced Beneficiary Notification (ABN) forms and instructions, national coverage guidance (NCD), national coverage analyses (NCA).
  • Choose by contractor: All Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) LCDs and bulletins are included for specific local guidance.


Fee and Payment Tools

  • Easily reference the adjusted Medicare reimbursement rate for your region via the quick calculators for APC, RVU and MS-DRG.
  • Demystify bundled codes with the NCCI Code Pair Checker tool, which is integrated automatically into the APC & RVU calculators.
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