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M&A Clause Analytics

Get More Done With Tailored Workflow Solutions

Streamline and optimize the M&A drafting process with advanced document/clause analytics and expert guidance.


Transform your M&A drafting workflow

M&A Clause Analytics, a comprehensive database of acquisition and ancillary agreements, analyzes and compares M&A agreements and related documents against an AI generated statistical Market Standard, providing vital insights and guidance for drafting, benchmarking, and negotiating better clauses and more complete agreements.

Powered by AI, enhanced by experts

Provides a market standard (“What’s Market”) for a wide range of acquisition agreements, clauses, and related documents by employing both artificial intelligence and expert curation. 

Practice perspectives every step of the way

Expertly prepared Practice Perspectives guide you to ensure your understanding when drafting an agreement or clause on critical issues of high risk clauses.

Market standard comparison

Instantly compare an entire document or clause against the Market Standard

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