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Legisway Essentials is a simple, affordable, and secure way to extract value from all your legal information, manage risk, and collaborate with other departments.

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A smart, easy-to-use solution for small corporate legal departments

Legisway Essentials (formerly known as effacts) will transform how you work, providing smart tools and a secure online repository for all your legal information. Designed for the small to mid-sized corporate legal department, it is a platform that grows with you, offering optional customizations to meet your organization’s unique needs.

Transform your company’s legal information into a strategic advantage

Legisway Essentials is a simple, affordable and secure way to extract value from all your legal information, manage risk and collaborate with other departments. 

Simple, affordable and easy to use

  • Store – Easily organize your legal information in one place
  • Find – Get easy, instant access to your information anytime, anywhere
  • Summarize – Synthesize your legal information into the key points
  • Empower – Set up a self-service center so that the company can manage their own legal matters, with your oversight
  • Share – Give access to information to help your colleagues do their jobs better
  • Report – Generate detailed management reports and charts
  • Track – Set reminders and alerts 
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Legisway Essentials helps you be a strategic business partner

  • Legisway Essentials frees up your time from small, low-value work so you and your team can focus on the big strategic decisions.
  • Legisway Essentials gives you instant and accurate management information to help you and your company make better decisions.
  • Legisway Essentials empowers your whole organization to be more legally savvy.


We know budgets are tight and affordability is a top concern for many corporate legal departments. With that in mind, Legisway Essentials has been designed and packaged for the small to mid-sized corporate legal department. For additional information regarding pricing, contact us for a custom quote tailored to your unique needs. You can call us directly at 1-513-815-1697 or fill out and submit the request form on the right.


My company has been using Legisway Essentials for several years and it has had a dramatic impact on our ability to manage our contracts and legal matters effectively. Data calls and responses to customer inquiries are faster and far more reliable than our previous systems permitted. I have also been very impressed with how user friendly and deeply customizable the system is.

Taylor Brown, Assistant General Counsel

I can’t imagine a legal life now without Legisway Essentials. Other people in the company have access to the information they need without contacting us. Not only has this improved our productivity, but theirs too, because they can retrieve the information they need faster.

Hein Bijl, Citizen M
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