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Health Regulatory Change Analyzer

Analyze regulatory changes in healthcare with Wolters Kluwer's new point-in-time solution

Efficiently monitor and understand changes to the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Manuals from a central location.

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Accelerate healthcare regulatory research

Healthcare regulatory requirements are highly complex and constantly changing. It can be difficult to determine what regulations and guidance were in place at any particular point in time and to keep on top of these evolving changes. Wolters Kluwer's new Health Regulatory Change Analyzer makes regulatory changes instantly visible: deleted text is redlined, and added text is displayed in green.

Stay a step ahead

Watch our 2-minute video for a complete overview of how quick and easy it is to research changes to the Federal Register and CMS Manuals over time. Take a tour of Health Regulatory Change Analyzer.

Navigate through time

  • Point-in-time functionality for federal regulations and CMS Manual changes
  • CFR changes are available dating back to 2009
  • CMS Manual changes are available from 2008 to present
  • Simple to click through, browse, search or use the calendar to navigate changes
  • Embed links into customer content or print redlined changes


Increase both speed and efficiency

Health law professionals at all experience levels can quickly audit and research healthcare regulatory changes. Identify when changes in regulations occurred over time, and understand the specific changes in regulations with redlining. Now you can clearly see exactly what has changed at a glance.