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New Platform & Now Featuring SmartTasks!

Designed by in-house counsel and featuring enhanced search capabilities, General Counsel Navigator (GCN) Next Gen allows you to quickly pinpoint practical answers and guidance across a wide range of topics within a single platform. Plus, SmartTask provides a single access point and step-by-step practical guides to streamline your department's research processes.

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Fast-answer solutions designed for the corporate counsel workflow

A powerful, yet affordable solution, General Counsel Navigator (GCN) Next Gen is organized with the unique research and daily workflow demands of smaller corporate legal departments in mind. As regulatory complexities increase, and work shifts in-house, GCN Next Gen enables corporate counsel to quickly advise on an increasingly broad range of complex issues while ensuring outside counsel budgets don’t get out of control.

A New Look and Enhanced Solutions Across a Broad Range of Issues

Designed by corporate counsel for corporate counsel, GCN Next Gen features a new streamlined interface with faster, more accurate search results than ever before. Here are just a few ways General Counsel Navigator saves corporate counsel time and money.

  • Quickly compare legal issues and requirements using 8 multistate surveys with the base subscription.
  • Use checklists to draft and communicate new policies and/or policy updates more efficiently.
  • Find summary and in-depth information on a wide variety of topics you may not be familiar with so you can be better prepared when you do need to engage outside counsel

General Counsel Navigator Next Gen Product Information

General Counsel Base Subscription Offer

Practical Information Combined with In-Depth Analysis

GCN Next Gen combines practical information with in-depth expertise and analysis to ensure you have exactly what you need to proceed with confidence. It’s a one–stop resource containing everything you need to gain actionable answers, quickly.

  • Intuitive interface and topical hierarchy created according to the Corporate Counsel viewpoint.
  • Practical information created by practitioners coupled with explanatory material from CCH experts.
  • Email our expert editorial staff for assistance finding resources on a particular topic.

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General Counsel Navigator Next Gen Legal Information
General Counsel Navigator Next Gen Legal Research Tool

Quick Answers to Simplify Your Research and Free Up Your Time!

GCN Next Gen empowers counsel corporate to spend less time seeking out information and more time on strategy and analysis. Here are a few ways GCN allows you to save valuable time and money while optimizing departmental efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Quick Answers highlight a quick summary answer with applicable quick links to more in-depth information at the top of your search results
  • Create and share research folders and notes with colleagues.
  • Export multistate jurisdictional requirements and checklists to Excel and send directly to your business colleagues to provide them answers quickly.

Accelerate In-House Research with SmartTask and SmartTask Pro

Now part of the General Counsel Navigator base offer, SmartTask provides a single access point to expert legal guides from Wolters Kluwer on key corporate topics such as LCC Formation, Amending Bylaws, Board of Directors Meetings, and more! Available as a premium package, SmartTask Pro allows you to standardize common practices and leverage in-house expertise, ensuring consistency and efficiency.


SmartTask and SmartTask Pro Practical Legal Guides


  • Practical Legal Guides Easy to follow, interactive, step-by-step practical legal guides, with practice notes and expert analysis.
  • Single Access Point SmartTasks are integrated with direct links to relevant sections of laws and regulations, treatise materials and government agency websites.

SmartTask Pro

  • Add your own steps, URLs, company documents, or third-party content--all protected by your company's firewall.
  • SmartTask Pro's unique ability to standardize practices helps ensure consistency in attorney work product and potentially reduce law firm spend. 


We know budgets are tight and affordability is a top concern for many corporate legal departments. With that in mind, GCN has been designed and packaged for the small to mid-sized corporate legal department.

You can easily customize the tool by adding in-depth reference materials and resources related to a specific topic area. We have dozens of content specializations to choose from.

For additional information regarding pricing, contact us for a custom quote tailored to your unique needs.

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I use GCN every day. It is what I have been looking for several years and provides the quick answers I need.

William E. Meyers, Vice President & General Counsel Carrols Restaurant Group, Inc.

SmartTask & SmartTask Pro…have already outdone the competition by allowing firms to customize the tasks and more importantly to add their own documents to the workflow.

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We offer a full range of support, from online videos to custom training.

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