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Federal Developments Knowledge Center

Federal Developments Knowledge Center

Know Tomorrow’s Laws Today with Near Real-TIME Legislative and Regulatory Alerts and AI-Driven Predictive Outlook

The impact of the new Trump Administration and the 115th Congress is being felt across corporate America. Every attorney, law librarian, and legal and tax professional needs reliable guidance in the face of unprecedented change. Let Wolters Kluwer’s attorney-editors save you valuable research time and get you ahead of the issues that others don't even see coming.

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Anticipate Change Before It Happens to Best Serve Your Clients’ Interests

Federal Developments Knowledge Center from Wolters Kluwer is designed to keep you informed of important federal legislation and rules that are proposed and enacted by the Trump Administration and the 115ᵗʰ Congress. Keep well informed of the latest federal developments with news and analysis written by Wolters Kluwer’s expert attorney-editors. Stay ahead of change and be able to forecast client risks and opportunities with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). Our AI-powered predictive analytics will help you to gain better understanding of what these changes mean to your clients and your organization.. Be ready to act and respond quickly to relevant legislative and regulatory changes via our customizable dashboard. 

Simply a better research experience

Federal Developments Knowledge Centerprovides an easy-to-use, single solution to monitor laws and regulations proposed and enacted under the new Administration and Congress allowing you to:

  • Significantly reduce research time through near real-time alerts for legislation, rules and presidential actions, customizable to your interest areas
  • View the impact of key developments for your practice area with easy-to-use practice tools and Smart Charts
  • See which industries are most impacted by pending legislation with the SIC Industry Impact Tool
  • Quickly access source documents from Congress, the Executive Branch, and Federal Agencies
  • Know which bills are most likely become law with AI-driven Predictive Outlook

AI-Driven Predictive Outlook

Know which bills are more likely to become law with the straightforward Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered predictive analysis. Quickly comprehend which bills are more likely to become law with graphical representations of Skopos Labs predicative analytics, which utilizes text analysis—comparing the text of the pending legislation to 1,000’s of other previous bills—and 200+ external factors, ranging from president and senate being the same party to economic environment to current military action, for every bill. The powerful technology enables practitioners to predict the likelihood of bills becoming law with 98% accuracy.

SIC Industry Impact Tool

Partnering with Skopos A.I., the Federal Developments Knowledge Center allows lawyers to find hidden connections between Congress and industry, staying ahead of the curve on potential corporate impacts. The SIC Industry Impact Tool digests all pending bills, compares the proposed policies to the current companies within an industry, and determines which industries would be most impacted by legislative developments, all in near real-time.

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Get email alerts and track key developments that are important to your practice. Stay informed with Wolters Kluwer’s trusted news alerts. Gain valuable insight on how new legislation, federal rules, and presidential actions will affect your clients, with practice area specific alerts, providing synopsis, impact, and next step analysis written by Wolters Kluwer expert attorney editors. Follow any legislation or rule throughout its lifecycle with our customizable alerting tool.

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