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Create, manage, and distribute strictly controlled documentation.

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Efficient workflow for document management

Combined with the powerful and flexible ComplyTrack platform, the Documents & Policies workflow allows organizations to create, manage and store any documents important to a health care organization, such as policies and procedures, plans, contracts, incident forms, correspondence, and any other documents that represent evidence — a cornerstone of any effective risk and compliance program.

The built-in content versioning system eliminates document distortion that can be the result of multiple editors. The cooperative document management system allows for check-in and check-out features that ensure data integrity. No matter how many editors are involved in the process, your documents will remain relevant and up-to-date.

Know your regulatory stance

  • Maintain strict document-version fidelity with version control, revision control, and archiving capabilities.
  • Review version history and previous version documents with a click.
  • Give your employees access to the documents and policies they need across the enterprise with a companion portal for published documents.

Make the right decisions at the right time

  • Automate the review process with support for both Concurrent & Sequential reviewer/approver workflows for maximum flexibility. 
  • Maintain document integrity with familiar and user-friendly Sharepoint-like Check in/Check Out capabilities
  • Save time and reduce errors with in-application document editing and versioning through Microsoft Office integration

Get the information you need, when you need it

  • Provide approvers/reviewers with easy access to document assignments from either a link in an automatic email notification or the unified ComplyTrack dashboard.
  • Gain complete control over what unique data you want to collect and report on throughout the document management process with configuration options based on document type.
  • Integrate with ComplyTrack Surveys for easy and secure distribution of documents to employees, vendors, and consultants to ensure certification and attestation.

ComplyTrack has SOC2 Certification

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