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ComplyTrack™ Contract & Relationship Manager


Effectively manage all your contractual and arm’s-length relationships.

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Proactively manage all contractor and contract-related data in a secure, centralized location

Contract managers can efficiently and effectively manage their entire workflow using this proven healthcare contract management software, from building and managing contracts to tracking dates, contacts, and details of the contract as well as compensation, travel and entertainment and gifts related to the contract, as well as report the status of contracts in real time.

Know your regulatory stance

  • Tightly integrate your contract management process with your compliance function to ensure against Conflict of Interest (COI).
  • Ensure that vendors, physicians, consultants, employees and other users have the necessary credentials, permissions and privileges in order to comply with all relevant regulations, policies and standards.
  • Create a single repository for contract documents and histories and store all relationship information, whether it pertains to attending physicians, medical directors, representatives, boards, researchers, grant recipients, vendors, consultants or volunteers.
  • Establish a standard, reproducible format for contracts and agreements.

Make the right decisions at the right time

  • Set up owners to set clear accountability and automated reminders to ensure against lapses in terms or conditions.
  • Monitor compensation and flow of funds to staff and the organization to ensure compliance with regulatory and internal-policy limits.
  • Track agreements, and their related sub agreement termination and notice dates, to ensure they remain current and in sync.
  • Built-in approval and verification process improves both efficiency and compliance with documentation and policies.

Get the information you need, when you need it

  • Software as a Service allows you to access your data anywhere via the internet while maintaining strict data accessibility controls, allowing you to select users for added security.
  • Seamlessly integrate with your existing enterprise document management solutions.
  • Robust reporting by task, activity, relation to COI, etc., provides clear insight into your contract management status that can be easily communicated and acted upon.

ComplyTrack has SOC2 Certification

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