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A due diligence and client advisement tool that provides attorneys with instant access to critical business information.


Clarion supports your most important activities

Find, connect and analyze Intellectual Property data, simplifying the research process, minimizing research time, and maximizing analysis power.

Mergers and acquisition due diligence

Jumpstart the M&A due diligence process with vital insight into revenue sources, customers, suppliers, competitors, and partners. Quickly find the information you need to prepare due diligence requests and identify material filings, contracts, and agreements that could impact the deal. 

Strategic Advisement

Clarion can help you identify potential business opportunities, partnerships, and strategic alliances for your clients, enhancing your role as a strategic advisor.

Ascertain the most important business relationships

Clarion presents a company’s business relationships in an easy to understand dashboard designed for legal practice by clearly identifying:

  • Industry Sectors (including all subsectors)
  • Revenue by Country
  • Customers
  • Competitors
  • Partners
  • Suppliers

See what our clients are saying...

Having this available allows us to know which experts to bring in to assist with a deal and alert us to possible problem areas. It helps identify material relationships and locate agreements and other documents and disclosures.

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