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Legal assistant’s overtime claim that was dismissed on judicial estoppel grounds is revived

The lower court did not have benefit of the circuit court’s subsequent decision in Slater v. U.S. Steel Corp. when it granted summary judgment to the employer based on a judicial estoppel defense. A...

Ronald Miller October 17, 2019
Trump clarifies federal agency collective bargaining obligations under previously enjoined executive orders

Trump’s new memorandum clarifies that CBAs executed while the EOs were enjoined must be honored; new terms agreed upon during that period may be incorporated into a new CBA. On October 11, President...

Pamela Wolf October 17, 2019
FedEx driver who attempted suicide during psychotic break can’t advance ADA regarded-as claim

The driver failed to show that FedEx’s reasons for disqualifying him as a road driver for a year following his suicide attempt were based on pretext. FedEx did not unreasonably rely on the one-year...

Kathleen Kapusta October 17, 2019
Dispute over who ‘clicked through’ training containing arbitration agreement precludes dismissal

Could it have been possible for Family Dollar employees to have skipped over training containing the arbitration agreement? The court couldn’t say. Because of conflicting evidence as to whether a...

Joy P. Waltemath October 16, 2019
Sanctions appropriate for fired marketing director’s bad faith media campaign after failed mediation

The timing of the marketing director’s media interviews and distribution of those interviews and articles via her Facebook page demonstrated her intention to influence this action in her favor, the...

Kathleen Kapusta October 16, 2019
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