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Attorneys that work on elder and estates law can save time while getting the answers they need quickly, confidently, and cost-effectively. Wolters Kluwer's Elder & Estates Law research platform.

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Find Elder and Estates Law content faster – that’s the nature of Cheetah®

Cheetah® Elder and Estates Law is an online platform that brings together authoritative analysis, news and current awareness, practical legal research tools, workflow solutions and relevant primary sources so you can conduct your research with speed and ease.  Advise your clients with confidence knowing you are equipped with complete, accurate and timely information that is updated daily by the experts at Wolters Kluwer.

Cheetah Elder and Estate Law Expert Analysis

Expert analysis and authoritative content

Respected experts provide the insights and practical guidance you need right at your fingertips.

Forms and practice tools

Exclusive searchable (and usable) elder law forms (e.g., revocable and irrevocable trust forms, Medicaid planning letters, case management, wills, and much more) and workflow tools, such as the Estate Planning Client Letter Toolkit, the Multistate Estate Administration Smart Charts
(available with the Estates Law subscription), and much more!.

Cheetah Elder and Estate Law Forms and Practice Tools
Cheetah Elder and Estate Law News


The Elder Law Report and the Estate Planning Review are monthly newsletters that will keep you on top of all the different issues within elder and estates law, so you can feel confident you are aware of the latest developments.

Training & Support

Wolters Kluwer offers a full range of training, from online videos to custom training.

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