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Cheetah Widgets FAQ

Do I need a Cheetahâ„¢ User ID to create Cheetah widgets?

Yes. You may use your current Cheetah User ID and Password, or you may create a new Cheetah ID (e.g. [email protected]) and password for widgets which will be posted on your firm's intranet/SharePoint site.

Are the widgets free?

Yes. Cheetah widgets are free to Cheetah subscribers. Within the widget builder you will see only content to which you have a subscription. The widgets themselves and the builder tool are complimentary.

What browsers are supported?

The widget builder as well as the widgets function with IE 10.0 or greater and the latest version of Chrome.

Am I limited to the widgets currently listed in the widget builder?

More widgets are being added as we expand the content integration program. Please feel free to suggest other combinations of content for future widgets by submitting a suggestion to your Wolters Kluwer representative.

Can widgets be combined or merged into a single, all-purpose widget?

Yes! The builder provides a tool for combining widgets into customized tabs or multi-title widgets.

Are widgets available for content outside of Cheetah?

Future development plans include extending widgets outside of the Cheetah platform. Stay tuned for updates on those launch dates.

How do you track widgets?

You provide Cheetah credentials when you login to the widget builder. All of the usage for the widgets subsequently created is logged against the ID used to authenticate into the widget builder. Also, if your firm is using a DRM such as One Log or Research Monitor, please contact your DRM provider to provide the URLs where your widgets are hosted, so as to track your widget usage. Use of widgets from intranet pages is tracked only after you provide the URLs to your DRM provider.

How is authentication managed?

The ID and password used for the widget builder will serve as a proxy ID for all created widgets.

What if I have anonymous IP access?

Use forced logon to create IP User ID for building widget (or if Authentication is Std+IP, create a Standard ID with self-reg URL from IC ADMIN).

What happens if the Cheetah User ID that was used to create Cheetah widgets is deactivated?

All widgets created by that User ID will stop working, and new widgets will need to be re-created.