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2016 Letter Rulings
2016 Rulings
2016 Tax Court Decisions
2017 Rulings
2017 Tax Court Decisions
2017 Treasury Decision Preambles
A Practical Guide to SEC Proxy and Compensation Rules - Goodman, Olson and Fontenot
Accommodating Disabilities Decisions Newsletters
Accounting methods and periods—Secs. 441-483
Accumulated Earnings Tax, PHCs, Banks and Natural Resources - Secs. 531-638
Advance Release Documents -- Federal Banking
Advanced Pricing Agreements (APAs)
Alabama Corporation Service
Alaska Corporation Service
Albania - BEPS
Albania BEPS Analysis
Allen's Trademark Digest
Alternative Minimum Tax, Environmental Tax - Secs. 55-59B
Americans with Disabilities Act Handbook - Perritt
Analysis of the OECD Action Plan on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting
Antitrust Enforcement Talks - Speeches and Testimony
Antitrust Law Daily Wrap Up
Antitrust Law: An Analysis of Antitrust Principles and Their Application - Areeda and Hovenkamp
Argentina - BEPS
Argentina BEPS Analysis
Arizona Corporation Service
Arkansas Corporation Service
Australia - BEPS
Australia BEPS Analysis
Austria - BEPS
Austria BEPS Analysis
Automobile Dealer Franchise Act
Bank Directors’, Officers’ and Lawyers’ Civil Liabilities - Villa
Banking and Finance Law Daily Wrap Up
Banking Law and Regulation - Malloy
Bankruptcy Law Reporter - Laws, explanations, rules of procedure, forms, state exemptions, court decisions, organized by Code section
Belgium - BEPS
Belgium BEPS Analysis
BEPS Country Tracking Smart Chart
BEPS Country-by-Country Reporting Templates
BEPS Thought Leadership
Blue Sky Explanatory Guides
Blue Sky Law Reporter - Introduction
Blue Sky Laws & Regs
Blue Sky Reporter Decisions
Brazil - BEPS
Brazil BEPS Analysis
Bulgaria - BEPS
Bulgaria BEPS Analysis
Business Franchise Guide - Explanations, Laws, Cases, Rulings, New Developments
Business Franchise Guide Cases
Business Franchise Guide: State Laws Disclosure Registration
Business Franchise Guide: State Laws Relationship Termination
Business Judgment Rule: Fiduciary Duties of Corporate Directors - Radin
California Corporation Service
Canada - BEPS
Canada BEPS Analysis
Capital Gains and Losses - Secs. 1201-1260
Capital Markets Handbook - Burch and Foerster
CCH Amended Treaties
CCH Expert Treatise Library: Tax Accounting in Mergers and Acquisitions by Glenn Carrington
CCH Tax Research Consultant
CCI Edits
Chile - BEPS
Chile BEPS Analysis
China - BEPS
China BEPS Analysis
Civil False Claims and Qui Tam Actions - Boese
Colombia - BEPS
Colombia BEPS Analysis
Colorado Corporation Service
Commodity Exchange Act (in Commodity Futures Law Reporter)
Commodity Futures Report Letter
Computer & Internet Lawyer (January 2004 to present)
Connecticut Corporation Service
Consolidated Returns - Secs. 1501-1564
Copyright Law Reporter
Copyright Law Reporter - Report Letter
Corporate Distributions and Adjustments - Secs. 301-385
Corporate Finance and the Securities Laws - Johnson, McLaughlin and Haueter
Corporate Governance and Compliance for Health Care: A Practical Guide - Sheeder
Corporate Governance for Health Care: Model Policies, Forms and Procedures
Corporate Governance Guide Explanations
Corporate Governance Guide Newsletter
Corporation Law Comparison Charts
Corporations Filing Consolidated Returns by Mark Banks-Golub, Anthony Nitti, Joshua Brady and Michael Kosnitzky
Country by Country Reporting Templates
Covenants Not to Compete - Filipp
CPSC Recalls Smart Chart
Credits Secs. 21-54AA
Croatia - BEPS
Croatia BEPS Analysis
Cyprus - BEPS
Cyprus BEPS Analysis
Czech Republic - BEPS
Czech Republic BEPS Analysis
Daily Document Update: Employee Benefits Management
Daily Document Update: Employment Law
Daily Document Update: HR Compliance Library
Daily Document Update: State Employment Law
Deductions - Secs. 161-249
Deferred Compensation - Secs. 401-436
Delaware Corporation Service
Delaware Law of Corporations and Business Organizations - Balotti and Finkelstein
Delaware State Tax Reporter
Denmark - BEPS
Denmark BEPS Analysis
Department of Justice Antitrust Division Manual
Derivatives Regulation - Johnson, Hazen, and Ervin
Destruction of Evidence - Gorelik, Marzen and Solum
Developing a Transfer Pricing Policy
Disabilities Management: Explanations
Discovery Practice - Haydock and Herr
District of Columbia Corporation Service
Dodd-Frank Act of 2010
Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act: Law, Explanation and Analysis (July 2010)
Drafting Internet Agreements - Battersby, Grimes and Nuara
Drafting License Agreements - Epstein and Politano
Drafting Tax Provisions
Ecuador - BEPS
Ecuador BEPS Analysis
EEOC Compliance Manual
Egypt - BEPS
Egypt BEPS Analysis
Elder Law Answer Book - Fleming and Davis
ElderLaw Forms Manual - Margolis
ElderLaw Portfolio Series - Margolis
ElderLaw Report
Electronic Discovery: Law and Practice - Cohen and Lender
Employer's Guide to Union Organizing Campaigns - McCarter & English, LLP
Employment Law Daily Wrap Up
Employment Practices Decisions: 1996 - Present
Estate Planning by Casner and Pennell
Estate Planning by John Price and Samuel Donaldson
Estonia - BEPS
Estonia BEPS Analysis
European Union - BEPS
European Union BEPS Analysis
Evidence: Practice under the Rules - Mueller, Kirkpatrick, and Rose
Excise taxes - Secs. 4701, 4911-5891
Exclusions and Exemptions - Secs. 101-153
Exempt Organizations - Secs. 501-530
Farnsworth on Contracts - Farnsworth
Federal and State Tax News Highlights
Federal Banking Law Reporter
Federal Banking Law Reporter Cases (1945 to present)
Federal Banking Law Reporter Regulations
Federal Estate and Gift Tax Reporter
Federal income taxation of estates, trusts, and beneficiaries
Federal Money Laundering Regulation: Banking, Corporate & Securities Compliance - Levy
Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
Federal Rules of Evidence
Federal Securities Law Report Letters
Federal Securities Law Reporter
Federal Tax Current Developments by Code Section Smart Chart
Federal Tax Regulations
Federal Tax Regulations (2012)
Federal Tax Regulations (2013)
Federal Tax Regulations (2014)
Federal Tax Regulations with Payroll Relate
Federal Taxation of Corporations & Shareholders by Andrew Eisenberg, Daniel Schneider and Daniel White
Federal Taxation of Partnerships & Partners by Patricia Hughes-Mills, Thomas Humphreys, James Kehl and Stuart Rosow
Financial & Estate Planning, Sidney Kess, Consulting Editor: Strategies
Financial Privacy Law Guide - Explanations, federal & state laws & regulations, issuances, court decisions, & other materials, organized by topic
Financial Privacy Law Guide Report Summary
Financial Services Modernization, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999 - Law & explanation (November 2009)
Finland - BEPS
Finland BEPS Analysis
FINRA manual
Florida Corporation Service
Folk on the Delaware General Corporation Law - Welch, Saunders, Land, and Voss
Foreign Commerce and the Antitrust Laws - Fugate, supplement by Simowitz
Foreign Income and Tax Treaties - Secs. 861-999
France - BEPS
France BEPS Analysis
FTC Franchise Disclosure Rule
FTC Franchise Disclosure Rule Guidance
Fundamentals of Antitrust Law - Areeda and Hovenkamp
Gain or Loss on Property Dispositions - Secs. 1001-1092
Georgia Corporation Service
Germany - BEPS
Germany BEPS Analysis
Global Privacy and Security Law - Gilbert
Goldstein on Copyright - Goldstein
Government Contracts Researcher
Greece - BEPS
Greece BEPS Analysis
Group Health Plan Requirements - Secs. 9801-9834
Guide to Computer Law
Guide to Computer Law Newsletters
Guide to International Transfer Pricing
Guide to Registering Trademarks - Bazerman and Drangel
Handbook of Massachusetts Evidence - Brodin and Avery
Handbook of Section 1983 Litigation - Lee
Handbook on Insurance Coverage Disputes - Ostrager and Newman
Hawaii Corporation Service
Health Care Compliance Newsletter
Health Care Compliance Professional's Manual
Health Care Compliance: Administrative Decisions
Health Care Compliance: Cases
Health Care Compliance: Department of Justice (DOJ)
Health Care Compliance: Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
Health Care Compliance: Settlement and Corporate Integrity Agreements
Health Care Compliance: U.S. Sentencing Guidelines
Health Care Fraud and Abuse Compliance Manual - Fleps
Health Care Organizations Risk Management - Rozovsky and Conley
Health Law Daily Wrap Up
HIPAA: A Guide to Health Care Privacy and Security Law - Boyle
Hong Kong - BEPS
Hong Kong BEPS Analysis
Hospital Contracts Manual - Fleps
Hospital Law Manual - Hershey
HR Ideas and Trends Newsletters
Hungary - BEPS
Hungary BEPS Analysis
Iceland - BEPS
Iceland BEPS Analysis
Idaho Corporation Service
Illinois Corporation Service
Immigration Law in the Workplace - Miller, Seid and Stowe
Income - Secs. 61-90
Income tax imposed—Secs. 1-15
Income tax regulations, including proposed regulations, as of 2015
India - BEPS
India BEPS Analysis
Indiana Corporation Service
Indonesia - BEPS
Indonesia BEPS Analysis
Insurance Activities of Banks - Sparks
Insurance Companies, Mutual Funds, REITs and REMICs, FASITs - Secs. 801-860L
Insurance Law Daily Wrap Up
Intellectual Property Litigation: Pretrial Practice - Dobrusin and White
Interest Rate Table
Internal revenue code
Internal Revenue Code as of 12/31/09
International Franchise Laws & Regulations
International Taxation: Corporate and Individual by Philip F. Postlewaite and Mitchell B. Weiss
International Transfer Pricing Laws by Baker and McKenzie
International Transfer Pricing Laws Report Letters
Internet Only Manuals
Iowa Corporation Service
IP and Antitrust: An Analysis of Antitrust Principles Applied to Intellectual Property Law - Hovenkamp, Janis, Lemley, Leslie and Carrier
IP Law Daily
Ireland - BEPS
Ireland BEPS Analysis
IRS Forms and Publications, IRS Personnel, Expired Laws
IRS Information Letters
IRS Letter Rulings and TAMs (1998-2015)
IRS Letter Rulings and TAMS (Current)
Israel - BEPS
Israel BEPS Analysis
Italy - BEPS
Italy BEPS Analysis
Items Not Deductible - Secs. 261-291
Japan - BEPS
Japan BEPS Analysis
Judgment Enforcement - Brown
Jury Selection - Starr and McCormick
Kansas Corporation Service
Kentucky Corporation Service
Key Tax Rate Data: State
Korea - BEPS
Korea BEPS Analysis
Labor Arbitration Awards Newsletters
Labor Law Journal
Labor Relations and NLRB Decisions: 1996 - Present
Latvia- BEPS
Latvia BEPS Analysis
Law of Electronic Commerce - Winn and Wright
Law of Lawyering - Hazard and Hodes
Law of the Internet - Delta and Matsuura
Legal Opinion Letters Formbook - Holderness and Wunnicke
Legal Opinion Letters: A Comprehensive Guide to Opinion Letter Practice - Sterba
Lithuania - BEPS
Lithuania BEPS Analysis
Loring and Rounds: A Trustee's Handbook - Rounds and Rounds
Louisiana Corporation Service
Luxembourg - BEPS
Luxembourg BEPS Analysis
Maine Corporation Service
Malaysia - BEPS
Malaysia BEPS Analysis
Malta - BEPS
Malta BEPS Analysis
Marsh's California Corporation Law - Marsh, Finkle and Sonsini
Maryland Corporation Service
Massachusetts Corporation Service
Mauritius - BEPS
Mauritius BEPS Analysis
Mergers, Acquisitions, and Buyouts - Ginsburg, Levin, and Rocap
Mexico - BEPS
Mexico BEPS Analysis
Michigan Corporation Service
Minnesota Corporation Service
Mississippi Corporation Service
Missouri Corporation Service
Montana Corporation Service
Motion Practice - Herr, Haydock and Stempel
Nebraska Corporation Service
Netherlands - BEPS
Netherlands BEPS Analysis
Nevada Corporation Service
New Hampshire Corporation Service
New Jersey Corporation Service
New Mexico Corporation Service
New York Corporation Service
New Zealand - BEPS
New Zealand BEPS Analysis
North Carolina Corporation Service
North Dakota Corporation Service
Norway - BEPS
Norway BEPS Analysis
Notices of Proposed Rulemaking
OECD Action Plan and Commentary
OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and Tax Administration (22 July 2010)
Of Counsel
OFCCP Compliance Manual: Forms
Ohio Corporation Service
OID, Mark-to-Market, PFICs, Readjustments, Shipping Alternative Tax - Secs. 1271-1359
Oklahoma Corporation Service
Oregon Corporation Service
Paper Based CMS Manuals
Partnerships - Secs. 701-777
Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: Law, Explanation, and Analysis (2010 Edition)
Pennsylvania Corporation Service
Pennsylvania State Tax Reporter
Pension Plan Guide
Per Diem Rates
Peru - BEPS
Peru BEPS Analysis
Philippines - BEPS
Philippines BEPS Analysis
Poland - BEPS
Poland BEPS Analysis
Portugal - BEPS
Portugal BEPS Analysis
Practical Guidance on Country by Country Reporting (CbC)
Privacy and Data Security Law Deskbook - Sotto
Procedure and Administration - Secs. 6001-9722
Product liability desk reference : a fifty state compendium
Product Liability Desk Reference: A Fifty-State Compendium - Daller
Product Liability Desk Reference: A Fifty-State Compendium Smart Charts
Products Liability Law Daily Wrap Up
Profits Interest Provisions in Investment Fund and Other Partnership Agreements
Proposed Regulations
Reg S-K
Regulation of Money Managers: Mutual Funds and Advisers - Frankel, Laby, and Schwing
Reimbursement Advisor
Representing Plaintiffs in Title VII Actions - McKnight
Rhode Island Corporation Service
Romania - BEPS
Romania BEPS Analysis
Russia - BEPS
Russia BEPS Analysis
S corporations, Co-ops, Title 11 Cases, Empowerment Zones - Secs. 1361-1400T
Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002
Saudi Arabia - BEPS
Saudi Arabia BEPS Analysis
Savings Bonds and Notes
Scott and Ascher on Trusts - Scott, Fratcher and Ascher
Scott on Information Technology Law - Scott
Scott on Multimedia Law - Scott
SEC Daily Document Update
SEC Daily Tracker
SEC Docket (1973-2004)
SEC No Action Letter
SEC No Action Letters Weekly (Current)
SEC Releases
SEC Staff Comment Letters (current)
Secured Transactions Explained
Securities Act of 1933
Securities Exchange Act of 1934
Securities Regulation - Loss, Seligman and Paredes
Securities Regulation Daily Wrap Up
Securitization of Financial Assets - Kravitt
Selected No-Action Letters FSLR (1971 - 1977)
Selected US Tax Treaty Document
Self-Employment Tax, Foreign Withholding - Secs. 1401-1494
Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: Law and Practice - Conte
Singapore - BEPS
Singapore BEPS Analysis
Slovakia - BEPS
Slovakia BEPS Analysis
Slovenia - BEPS
Slovenia BEPS Analysis
South Africa - BEPS
South Africa BEPS Analysis
South Carolina Corporation Service
South Dakota Corporation Service
Spain - BEPS
Spain BEPS Analysis
Standard Federal Tax Reporter
State and Federal Employment Law Compare Complete
State Banking - Alabama
State Banking - Arizona
State Banking Law Reporter Charts & Current Developments
State Banking Law Reporter Uniform Commercial Code - Selected state laws
State Business Franchise Laws and Regulations
State Health Laws, Regs and Manuals What's New - Alabama
State Health Laws, Regs and Manuals What's New - California
State Sales and Use Taxation
State tax handbook
Stempel and Knutsen on Insurance Coverage - Stempel and Knutsen
Structuring Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Entrepreneurial Transactions - Levin and Rocap
Supreme Court Docket October 2016 Term
Sweden - BEPS
Sweden BEPS Analysis
Switzerland - BEPS
Switzerland BEPS Analysis
Taiwan - BEPS
Taiwan BEPS Analysis
Takeover Defense: Mergers and Acquisitions - Fleischer, Sussman and Weinstein
Tax Court Rules of Practice and Procedure
Tax Planning
Tax Practice & Procedure by Claudia Hill, Charles Rettig and William Wiggins
Tax Provisions in Asset Purchase Agreements
Tax Provisions in Credit Facilities
Tax Provisions in Hedge Fund LP Agreements
Tax Provisions in Partnership Interest Purchase
Tax Provisions in PPM
Tax Provisions in Private Equity LP Agreements
Tax Provisions in Subscription Agreements
Tax Provisions in the Stock Purchase Agreement “SPA”
Tax Rates and Tables and Tax Calendar
Tax Regulations (Temporary and Final)
Tax State Guide
Tax Treaty Withholding Rate Lookup Tool
Tax Treaty Withholding Tax Rate Lookup (U.S., Canada, Mexico)
Taxation of Compensation and Benefits
Tennessee Corporation Service
Texas Corporation Service
Thailand - BEPS
Thailand BEPS Analysis
Trade Regulation Report Letter
Trade Regulation Reporter - Report Letter
Trade Regulation Reporter - Trade Cases (1932 - 1992)
Trade Regulation Reporter--Federal Antitrust Cases
Trademark & Copyright Disputes: Litigation Forms and Analysis - Battersby and Grimes
Transfer Pricing - Rules Compliance and Controversy by Marc M. Levey and Steven C. Wrappe
Transfer Pricing - What's Trending
Transfer Pricing Best Practices
Transfer Pricing Limited Income Agreement Smart Chart
Transfer Pricing Limited Income Agreements
Transfer Pricing Quick-Answers Smart Chart and Forms
Transfer Pricing Thought Leadership
Treasury Decisions
TRICARE Newsletter
Trusts and Estates - Secs. 641-692
Turkey - BEPS
Turkey BEPS Analysis
U.S. Master Estate and Gift Tax Guide
U.S. Master Tax Guide
U.S. Master Tax Guide® (2017)
U.S. Regulation of the International Securities and Derivatives Markets - Greene, Beller, Rosen, Silverman, Braverman, Sperber and Grabar
U.S. Tax Cases 2017-1
U.S. Tax Treaties Reporter
U.S. Transfer Pricing Guide
U.S. Transfer Pricing Guide Report Letters
Uniform Franchise Offering Circular (1978-2007 Archive) and Current
United Arab Emirates - BEPS
United Arab Emirates BEPS Analysis
United Kingdom - BEPS
United Kingdom BEPS Analysis
United States - BEPS
United States BEPS Analysis
United States Tax Cases (2000-Current)
United States Tax Cases (Current)
Uruguay - BEPS
Uruguay BEPS Analysis
Utah Corporation Service
Venezuela - Beps
Venezuela BEPS Analysis
Vermont Corporation Service
Vietnam - BEPS
Vietnam BEPS Analysis
Virginia Corporation Service
Wages-Hours Cases and Opinion Letters: Current Cases and Releases
Washington Corporation Service
West Virginia Corporation Service
Who is the Taxpayer, Return Preparers, and Constitutionality
Wigmore on Evidence - Wigmore
Wisconsin Corporation Service
Withholding - Secs. 3401-3512
World Tax Treaties
Wyoming Corporation Service