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Private and public sector decision makers with trusted economic and interest rate forecasts essential to the formulation of profitable business plans and sound public policies.

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Get answers on how the American economy will perform

Since 1976, Aspen Publishers has provided corporate and government decision makers with our survey results—making Blue Chip Economic Indicators and Blue Chip Financial Forecasts synonymous with the latest in expert opinion on the future performance of the American economy. Every month we survey America's leading business economists and publish their individual predictions along with an average—or consensus—of their forecasts.

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Blue Chip Economic Indicators

Containing forecasts from 50-plus economists employed by some of America's largest and most respected manufacturers, banks, insurance companies, and brokerage firms. Blue Chip Economic Indicators provides forecasts for this year and next from each panel member, plus an average or consensus, of their forecasts for each variable—there also are five to nine quarters of quarterly forecasts.

Blue Chip Financial Forecasts

Blue Chip Financial Forecasts gives you the latest in prevailing opinion about the future direction and level of U.S. interest rates that is critical to the profitable management of your firm. Survey participants such as Bank of America-Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs & Co., Swiss Re, Loomis, Sayles & Company, and J.P. Morgan, provide forecasts for each of the next six quarters.

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Flexibility at a price you can afford

Choose one or both of the Blue Chip Publications that fit your needs. Then choose your preferred format: print, Excel, PDF, or via our online Cheetah™ platform!

  • Formulate business plans (budgeting, strategic planning, capital spending, and sales projections)
  • Prepare corporate financing plans (refinancing and acquisitions)
  • Make informed decisions about asset allocation
  • Utilize for regulatory filings and rate cases
About the Authors

Joseph Aguinaldo
Executive Editor of Blue Chip Economic Indicators and Blue Chip Financial Forecasts

Carol Stone, CBE
Contributing Editor

Sandy Batten
Contributing Editor

Thomas J. Moeller
Contributing Editor 

Randell E. Moore
Editor Emeritus of Blue Chip Economic Indicators and Blue Chip Financial Forecasts 

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