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Humanising Animals: Civilising People
China and ILO Fundamental Principles and Rights At Work
Concise European Patent Law 2nd edition by
Global Textiles and Clothing Trade. Trade Policy Perspectives
Air & Space Law by Berend J.H. Crans, Peter Van Fenema, Mark Franklin, Wybo P. Heere, Pablo de Leon, Onno rijsdijk, George Tompkins
Consumer Law in the Information Society
Sustainable Technology Transfer. A Guide to Global Aid and Trade Development
ConsensusDOCS Contract Documents Handbook by Kevin F. Peartree, Esq., Theodore M. B. Baum, Timothy Boldt, Todd R. Braggins, Matthew D. Brown, Martha A. Connolly, John W. Dreste, Nell M. Hurley, Thomas K. O'Gara
Guide to the United States Customs and Trade Law: After the Customs Modernization Act by Leslie Alan Glick
An Institutional Assessment of Antitrust Policy: The Latin American Experience by I De Leon
Destruction of Evidence by Jamie S. Gorelick, Stephen Marzen, Lawrence B. Solum
Page 1 of 268