Product Updates

Product Updates

Thank you for your patience during the recent network and service interruptions. Below are products that are back online, please note that some products have a few functions that may not be fully operational at this time. We will continue to work around the clock to restore full functionality to our products and restore service to our remaining products.

  • Almanac of the Federal Judiciary
  • Aspen Digital Library
  • Casebook Connect – New users cannot be registered
  • Cheetah - Last content update May 6th
  • ComplyTrack
  • Corporate Counsel Profiler
  • Daily Reporting Suite
  • EGT Plus
  • Federal Developments Knowledge Center
  • General Counsel Navigator Next Gen
  • Intelliconnect
  • IPO Vital Signs
  • Joint Commission Custom Products
  • Kluwer Arbitration
  • Kluwer Competition Law
  • Kluwer Digital Book Platform
  • Kluwer IP
  • Kluwer International Tax Law
  • ktMINE
  • Law School Simulation Product Suite
  • Legisway Essentials
  • M&A Clause Analytics
  • MBE Bootcamp
  • MediRegs
  • Paychex
  • RBSource Filings
  • RegReview
  • Standard Fed Plus
  • State Tax Plus
  • TAG Data
  • Trade Secret Advisor
  • US Legal Forms
  • Wolters Kluwer Legal Ed


Cheetah Feature




Content Currency

Content last updated Monday, May 6th



All Content Page

List of links to all Practice Areas in your subscription.



Practice Area Dashboards

All content in your subscription


Need Help?  Section

Links to online training and information, quick start cards



Print, Download, Favorites, Add to Folders, Email



Document Footnotes

Various publications


Search and Search Results

Print, Download, Favorites, Add to Folders, Email



Dashboard Customization

Drag and drop components, customize what titles to display on a dashboard


Titles and Practice Tools

A-Z lists of titles and practice tools in a user subscription.  




Navigation history


Notes and Highlights

Add notes and highlights in documents


News Signup 

Sign up for Dailies, Newsletters, Treatise Notifications


Account Information

Edit your user name, communication email, username, password and edit the information


Give Feedback button

Give feedback form


Citation Search

Citation Search on various dashboards


Products within Cheetah





SmartTask links in the Practice Tools section


Treatise Content

Links within Treatises


Tax Essentials

Topic pages with primary source and practice tools.  


Forms links are not working.

Tax Reporters Plus

Standard Fed Plus, State Tax Reporter Plus, Estate and Gift Tax Plus



Daily news content - various dashboards



Smart Charts

Smart Chart practice tools on various dashboards


Cheetah Widgets

Cheetah Widgets


Trademark Navigator

Trademark Navigator link on IP dashboard 






Fully Functional


Partially Functional


Not Available



RBsource/Filings Features




Real-time EDGAR Updates

Updates to Filings and Exhibits


Filings Up to Date

Comment Letters and No-Action Letters

Updates to SEC Staff Comments and SEC No-Action Letters


Not being updated

Securities Primary Law

Rules, Regulations, Forms and Guidance


Primary Law is up to date

Email Alerts

Get email Alerts on new documents


Alerts on Filings issued since May 13


Send a document to one or more users



RedBox Download

Download the PDF versions of RedBox Pamphlets



Give Feedback button

Give feedback form



Onsite Alerts

Get alerts on the site for new documents


Alerts for Filings issued since May 13

Document Downloading

Download a single document or multiple documents



Help and Training Resources

Online Help and Training Videos



Citation Search

Search using Citation Widget



Global Search

Search across all content



Filings Section Searching

Search Filings by section



Browsing Statutes, Rules, Regulations, Forms and Guidance

Browse from the Home Page



Topical Browse

Links to content through Topical



Compare Filings

Redline/Compare two Filings



RegReview Tables of Regulations and Timelines

Link to content for major forms - compare historical versions




Print one or more documents



New & Updated Content

Links to all primary law and guidance as it is posted to the site


Viewing a Document

All document types



Related Items

Links to topically related items



Editorial Footnotes

Primary Law




View your search and browse history



Notes and Highlights

Add notes and highlights in documents



Saving Searches

Save your search




Create a favorite to navigate




Create and manage multiple folders to save content






Fully Functional


Partially Functional


Not Available



Kluwer Law International Authentication Message

Please also note that as part of restoring service after the interruption we have had to accelerate a long-planned transition of authentication mechanism from our previous approach to the new OneID identity system. With the exception of U.S.-based Cheetah or RBsource customers (see special note below), users’ access should remain seamless. However, if users do experience any access issues while using the product, please direct them to contact customer support using the contact details listed below and we will work quickly to restore their access. 

Special notice for U.S.-based customers who also subscribe to Cheetah or RBsource: As a result of the change in authentication to our KLI suite of products and the effort to restore service to the core content in the platforms, users may temporarily be prompted to enter their existing Cheetah or RBsource User Name and Password in order to access their KLI content. If users are not aware of their existing Cheetah or RBSource credentials, they should click the Forgot Password  link at the Log In screen for this site and enter their email address to have a confirmation sent to them with instructions for logging in. If users encounter any issues, they should contact customer support using the details below and we will work quickly to restore access.  We will continue working around the clock to fully restore the pass-through from Cheetah or RBsource to Kluwer Law International products and will inform them when it is available. Customer support details for all users are as follows. For customers outside of the U.S. please call 1-877-471-5632 or email [email protected]. For customers in the U.S., please call 1-800-955-5217.