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SmartTask- Jumpstart your research with SmartTaks, a step-by-step practical legal guide.

SmartTask, step-by-step practical legal guidance

SmartTask integrates the legal know-how from Wolters Kluwer along with expert materials and primary sources to provide clear and concise guidance. Linking directly to the relevant sections of Wolters Kluwer’s treatises, laws, and regulations SmartTask assists you with producing the highest caliber work product.

Ideal for transactional and corporate attorneys

  • Direct access to key material
  • Written and curated by transactional attorneys for transactional attorneys
  • Trusted Wolters Kluwer expert content

In addition, using our SmartTask Pro, your firm can customize each title to reflect the firm’s standard process.

SmartTask Pro allows you to:

  • Customize your SmartTask to your firm's workflow and add your own steps, urls, firm documents, or third-party content
  • Keep all of your legal and proprietary content in one place, behind your firm's firewall.
  • Easily integrate with SharePoint or your firm's Portal Pages
  • Maximize your firm's proprietary workflow with standardized processes

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