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The ftwilliam.com portfolio is fully web-based software that streamlines time-consuming tasks for the employee benefits professional. The applications are easy to use and integrated to ensure that data flows effortlessly between the different modules.

The Retirement Plan Documents module helps you streamline your entire plan document preparation process.

Populate Default Data into Plan Checklists Using ftwilliam.com's Documents Software's ZZZ Default Feature 

IRS-Approved Documents


Non-standardized 401(k)/Profit
  Sharing (Answers only)
Non-standardized 401(k)/Profit
Non-standardized Money
Non-standardized Target Benefit


Standardized 401(k)/Profit Sharing
  (Answers Only)
Standardized 401(k)/Profit Sharing 2
Standardized Money Purchase

Volume Submitter:

Volume Submitter 401(k)
Volume Submitter Profit Sharing
Volume Submitter Money  
Volume Submitter Governmental
  Profit Sharing Plan1
Volume Submitter Governmental
  Money Purchase Plan1
Volume Submitter 401(k)
  (prototype format)2
Volume Submitter 401(k)
  prototype format (Answers only)

Defined Benefit1

Defined Benefit
(Individually Designed Format)

Individually Designed Plans:

Limited-Scope 403(b)
(No employer contributions)

Full-Scope 403(b)1



Cash Balance Document1

Cash Balance Document
(Individually Designed Format)

1Adoption Agreement and Basic Plan Document

2May be established as 401(k) Plan or a Profit Sharing Plan only

Please note that all of the volume submitters and prototype non-standardized profit sharing/401(k) plans offer a new comparability and age-weighted allocation option.

Software Highlights:

  • Over 30 SPDs, other documents, and
    participant forms at no extra cost.
  • Updates and amendments are provided at
    no extra cost for subscription document
  • Ensure accuracy with extensive error
    checking and context-sensitive help buttons.
  • Save time by batch printing amendments
    and annual notices with the click of a
  • ftwPro Amend—Track changes to your
    document and automatically create a
    customized consent, SMM, and amendment
    (Prototype plans only).
  • Free data conversion from your existing plan management system.
  • E-signatures available with purchase of
    ftwPortal Pro.
  • Quick Entry Screen – tabular checklist
    editing for quicker data entry.
  • Customized Edit Checking – Create
    additional, customized validations for
    your plans.
  • GUST and EGTRRA documents available for correction program utilization.
  • New! User interface for improved navigation, data entry, edit checking, and help.
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