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Introducing a New Point-In-Time Solution from Wolters Kluwer!

The Tax Code is highly complex and constantly changing. It’s difficult to determine what regulations and guidance were in place at a particular point-in-time and keep on top of future changes. Now there is a new online point-in-time solution for legal tax professionals from Wolters Kluwer, Standard Fed Plus.

Leveraging the extensive, industry-leading content of the Standard Federal Tax Reporter, Standard Fed Plus provides a centralized location for tax professionals to efficiently monitor and understand U.S. federal tax statutory and regulatory changes with point-in-time analysis, redlining of changes and calendar features to help advisors research more quickly and better advise their clients.

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The Standard Fed Plus offers the following exclusive features and more:

  • Point-In-Time Navigation: Instantly presents changes in laws, guidance, and related cases in point in time so professionals do not have to read through irrelevant documents, which enables faster, more accurate research.
  • Reading Comparison Tool: Clearly redlines law changes to show the differences between federal tax laws, regulations, and commentary from one period to the next, dating back to 1986 and then on a continual basis going forward, which helps professionals research with greater efficiency.
  • Calendar Feature: Our experts write annotations and explanations for each point in time to help reduce the complexity of regulatory change. Take comfort in knowing you are using the correct information pointed at the right time frame for compliance, advising and for IRS audits.


The tax code is subject to constant change and increasingly complex regulations.  The speed of change increases the risk on exactly when a change took place.  The Standard Fed Plus features Point-In-Time Navigation to help professionals find the right information in the right context so they avoid misinterpretation of a rule.

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Due to the volume of changes in the tax code, it is difficult to determine what regulations and guidance were in place at any point-in-time, and this makes comparing them to assess the changes challenging. The Standard Fed Plus enables practitioners to identity and compare versions of regulations and guidance by redlining the specific changes at a given date or over time.

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The Standard Fed Plus is exclusively available on Cheetah™ by Wolters Kluwer.  Cheetah™ for Tax Law offers well-known and trusted brands such as CCH, Aspen Publishers, and Kluwer International to provide the richest, most in-depth, legal tax content available. Built in partnership with our customers, Cheetah™ for Tax Law provides an intuitive user experience that matches legal tax workflow with seamless access to authoritative content, expert analysis, practice tools, and current awareness to offer the most comprehensive legal tax solution available.
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