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Monday, February 4, 2019

Pallone, Doyle Ask Pai for Information Denied Dems in Last Congress

House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Frank Pallone Jr. (D., N.J.) and communications and technology subcommittee Chairman Mike Doyle (D., Pa.) are exercising their new authority as the majority leadership of the panels with oversight jurisdiction for the FCC to request information and documents from Commission Chairman Ajit Pai that they say he has failed to provide them during the past two years when they were in the minority.

“Not only have you … failed on numerous occasions to provide Democratic members of this Committee with responses to their inquiries, you have also repeatedly denied or delayed responding to legitimate information requests from the public about agency operations. These actions have denied the public of a full and fair understanding of how the FCC under your leadership has arrived at public policy decisions that impact Americans every day in communities across the country,” the Democratic lawmakers said in their letter to Chairman Pai dated today.

They asked for data on pending petitions, applications, complaints, requests, and other items, broken down by how long they have been pending. They asked for a breakdown on the number of consumer complaints received in each of the last three years and thus far in 2019 in a variety of areas, including robocalls/spoofing, customer service, privacy, open Internet/Internet service speed and quality/transparency, and wireless service coverage/availability.

Chairmen Pallone and Doyle asked for data on complaints referred by the Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau to the Enforcement Bureau, on complaints for which the Consumer Bureau provided assistance to consumers, and on providers’ failures to respond to informal complaints within certain time limits. They asked for aggregate data on Enforcement Bureau investigations and resolutions. They also asked for data on rulemaking proceedings opened and concluded during Mr. Pai’s chairmanship.

They asked about items pending before the FCC’s administrative law judge. They asked for information on the budget and operations of the newly created Office of Economics and Analytics. They asked about the agency’s responses to Freedom of Information Act requests. And they asked for details on pending letters from members of Congress to which the FCC has not responded.

They asked for a response by March 4. —Lynn Stanton, [email protected]


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