TR Daily Carr, Phillips Say Consumers Protected by Open Internet Framework
Thursday, September 27, 2018

Carr, Phillips Say Consumers Protected by Open Internet Framework

FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr and Federal Trade Commissioner Noah Joshua Phillips said today that consumers are well protected by the framework put in place by the FCC’s restoring Internet freedom order last year, including specific transparency requirements on Internet service providers imposed by the FCC and FTC enforcement on unfair and deceptive practices over broadband and edge providers.

“There’s strong consumer protections in place now,” Mr. Carr said this morning at an event held by the Washington Legal Foundation.

The FTC is “the cop back on the beat when it comes to the full broadband ecosystem,” he said, adding that the agency also has authority over privacy violations.

Mr. Phillips noted that under the FCC’s modified transparency rule, broadband Internet providers must disclose network management practices and other information. “The FCC will ensure that the companies make the disclosures, and we will investigate whether the companies do what they say and, if they are not, we will bring enforcement actions,” he said.

The new framework does not just rely on competition and market forces, Mr. Carr said, although he said they are “strong checks,” and it does not give “a blank check” for companies to engage in activity that consumers oppose.

Mr. Phillips said the deployment of 5G services raises “continued and increasing privacy and data security concerns. This requires us, the FTC, to continue to be an active law enforcer in the broadband space.”

The officials also said they would welcome action by Congress on issues such as net neutrality, privacy, and data breaches. “For a lot of these things, Congress really does have to lead it,” Mr. Phillips said.- Paul Kirby, [email protected]


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