Pension & Benefits News Clarity Benefit Solutions lists five high-value benefits to offer employees
Friday, August 23, 2019

Clarity Benefit Solutions lists five high-value benefits to offer employees

By Pension and Benefits Editorial Staff

The key to a company's success is employee satisfaction. Employees who truly embrace coming to work will be more productive. Progressive employers will realize that it is imperative to offer impressive benefits to attract and retain top talent. The following are the top five high value benefits as identified by Clarity Benefit Solutions to present to employees in 2019:

  1. A focus on family. Companies should be providing benefits that allow employees to care for their families. Dependent care plans allow employees to dedicate pre-tax dollars to pay for family members' care expenses, like child care or adult day care. Additional types of FSAs allow employees to set aside money to spend on various health and care related costs, easing the burden of caring for a family.
  2. The ability to work remotely. While many employers allow employees to work from home, employers should consider permitting employees to work from anywhere—even when they venture into the office. Let employees carve out a space where they can let their creative juices flow—and reap the benefits. An added bonus is giving them the opportunity to set their own hours.
  3. Quality coffee and free food. Many companies offer beverages, snacks, meals, and treats free of charge to their employees. This not only saves employees a ton of money but can also be a time-saver for employees who forgot to plan lunch or have a craving while in the middle of a challenging assignment.
  4. Workplace wellness initiatives. Forward-thinking employers realize that investing in employees' health and well-being is a win-win for both parties. Health screenings, paid gym memberships, yoga classes during lunch, and counseling services will boost both creativity and productivity.
  5. An abundance of PTO. Employees who work hard should be rewarded with plenty of time off. Some employers offer unlimited PTO; while others give employees their birthday off and an extra week between Christmas and the New Year. Make sure long-term employees earn extra vacation time each year they are employed. Offering Fridays off in the summer is also an exceptional benefit for loyal employees who have devoted many years to the company.

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