Paid family leave expands in California
Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Paid family leave expands in California

By Payroll and Entitlements Editorial Staff

The California EDD has begun implementation of an expansion to the Paid Family Leave (PFL) program from six to eight weeks of benefits available, which was included in the 2019-20 state budget as part of Governor Gavin Newsom’s Parents Agenda.

The PFL program provides eligible mothers, fathers and caregivers benefits that are approximately 60% to 70% of their income while they take time off from work to bond with a new child or care for a seriously ill family member, including those with COVID-19, and can be used all at once, staggered, or split up as needed over a 12-month period.

Most California workers pay into the Paid Family Leave program through their State Disability Insurance payroll deductions. Those mandatory paycheck deductions are noted as “CASDI” on most paystubs.

More information about California PFL benefits, including eligibility and how to apply, is available at (News Release No. 20-30, 7/1/2020).

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