Government Contracts VA Final Rule Continues Updating of VAAR
Tuesday, October 2, 2018

VA Final Rule Continues Updating of VAAR

By Government Contracts Editorial Staff

The Department of Veterans Affairs has issued a final rule that revises the VA Acquisition Regulation with regard to Contract Costs Principles and Procedures (VAAR Part 831) and Protests, Disputes and Appeals (VAAR Part 833). In particular, this rule revises VAAR Part 831 to clarify the cost principles under the chapter 31 program and apply those principles to both fixed-price and cost reimbursement contracts with educational institutions, as well as those with commercial and non-profit organizations. The rule revises VAAR Part 833 to update information for where an interested party may protest to the contracting officer, to provide for independent review a level above the CO, and to clarify how interested parties may appeal a CO’s protest decision. The rule also updates two clauses, at VAAR 852.233-70 and VAAR 852.233-71, and revises the definition of “special services or special courses” at VAAR 871.201-1. The rule makes stylistic and grammatical edits to the proposed rule (¶73,010.19). For the text of this final rule, which goes into effect on October 15, 2018, see ¶73,010.25.

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