Government Contracts Rule Removes References to the FAR Appendix
Monday, November 16, 2020

Rule Removes References to the FAR Appendix

By Government Contracts Editorial Staff

The final rule in FAR Case 2020-003 removes references to the FAR appendix, which included the Cost Accounting Standards Board regulations. The CAS Board regulations remain available in the Code of Federal Regulations at 48 CFR 99. The original purpose of the appendix was to provide an easy way to read the CAS Board regulations that are heavily referenced in FAR Part 30. This is no longer necessary because these regulations no longer appear in the appendix in full text. Therefore, references throughout the FAR to the CAS Board regulations being in the appendix are out of date. This final rule also deletes the few additional references to the FAR “looseleaf” because it is no longer published as a paper loose-leaf version. The rule amends the following regulations: FAR 1.105-1, FAR 1.201-1, FAR 1.201-2, FAR 1.402, FAR 15.404-1, FAR 28.301, FAR 30.000, FAR 30.101, FAR 30.201 through FAR 30.201-7, FAR 30.202-1 through FAR 30.202-8, FAR Subpart 30.3, FAR Subpart 30.4, FAR Subpart 30.5, FAR 30.602, FAR 42.302, and FAR 44.305-3.

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