Government Contracts Rule Allows USAID to Use Personal Services Contractors as COs
Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Rule Allows USAID to Use Personal Services Contractors as COs

By Government Contracts Editorial Staff

A final rule amends the Agency for International Development Acquisition Regulation to allow AID to designate personal services contractors as contracting officers and agreement officers. The changes to AIDAR 701.603-70 allow the Director, Bureau for Management, Office of Acquisition and Assistance, to designate a United States PSC or a Cooperating Country National PSC as a CO with a specific level of warrant authority. Between 2016 to 2018, AID experienced a decrease of over 20 percent in direct-hire CO staff. The rule helps to offset this decrease in warranted direct-hire civil service and foreign service employees and increase the capacity of AID’s acquisition workforce to process actions in an expeditious manner. Further, the changes relieve AID staff from the administrative burden of processing AIDAR deviations and exceptions and allow AID to realize cost savings. The rule also makes related changes to AIDAR Appendices D and J. The final rule made no changes to the proposed rule (¶72,100.15). For the text of the rule, which goes into effect on March 30, 2020, see ¶72,001.12.

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