Government Contracts “Peg” Rate Rises for First Quarter of 2019
Wednesday, January 30, 2019

“Peg” Rate Rises for First Quarter of 2019

By Government Contracts Editorial Staff

The Small Business Administration has set the optional “peg” rate for the January through March quarter of fiscal year 2019 at 3.125 percent, an increase from the prior quarter’s 2.875 percent. The “peg” rate is a weighted average of the cost of money to the government for maturities similar to the average SBA direct loan. Pursuant to SBA 120.214, the rate may be used as a base for guaranteed fluctuating interest rate SBA loans. For a listing of changes to the “peg” rate since 2001, see ¶128.05. For the text of the notice, see 83 FR 67459.

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