Government Contracts GSA Repeals Its Mentor-Protégé Program
Wednesday, February 20, 2019

GSA Repeals Its Mentor-Protégé Program

By Government Contracts Editorial Staff

A direct final rule amends the General Services Administration Acquisition Regulation to remove coverage on GSA’s Mentor-Protégé Program and associated clauses that duplicate the Small Business Administration’s governmentwide Mentor-Protégé program. Based on authorities provided in the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010 (PL 111-240) and the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2013 (PL 112-239), an SBA final rule (¶70,425.575) established a governmentwide mentor-protégé program for all small business concerns. Also, section 1641 of the NDAA FY 2013 provided that an agency could not carry out its own specific mentor-protégé program unless it submitted a plan for the program to SBA and SBA approved the plan. Accordingly, to repeal the regulations implementing the GSA Mentor-Protégé Program and transition contractors to the governmentwide mentor-protégé program, this direct final rule removes GSAR Subpart 519.70, and the clauses at GSAR 552.219-75 and GSAR 552.219-76. In addition, the rule removes GSAR 552.219-71 through GSAR 552.219-73, which duplicate the requirements in the clause at Federal Acquisition Regulation 52.219-9 pertaining to the small business subcontracting plans. The rule also makes a technical change to GSAR 501.106. The rule will go into effect on April 2, 2019, unless GSA receives adverse comments by March 3, 2019. For the text of this rule, see ¶70,030.208.

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