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Monday, May 27, 2019

GSA Makes Major Revisions to FSS Regulations

By Government Contracts Editorial Staff

The General Services Administration has finalized, with changes, a proposed rule (¶70,033.75) updating the GSA Acquisition Regulation’s Federal Supply Schedule contract administration policies and procedures. The final rule (GSAR Case 2013-G502) amends GSAR Part 515, Contracting by Negotiation, GSA Part 538, Federal Supply Schedule Contracting, and GSAR Part 552, Solicitation Provisions and Contract Clauses.

30 New Clauses. The rule adds 30 new FSS-specific clauses and solicitation provisions that are currently being used in FSS solicitations and contracts, and which were previously implemented through internal GSA policy. Bringing these clauses and provisions into the GSAR allows for greater transparency, consolidates all regulations into one area, and updates administrative information to ensure the FSS program is current and consistent. Most contractors are familiar with and are currently complying with the practices outlined in the new clauses and provisions. The rule also reinstates four FSS-specific clauses/solicitation provisions that were removed from the GSAR as part of a previous GSA Acquisition Manual rewrite but were retained by internal GSA policy, and it updates ten existing FSS-specific clauses and provisions to reflect current references and practices. Further, the rule restructures the clause prescription terms of GSAR 538.273 so that the regulation is more consistent with the formation of FSS solicitations and contracts. The previous structure of GSAR 538.273 was based on whether the schedule was single- or multiple-award. The rule adds a more practical structure that outlines where each provision or clause will be located in FSS solicitations and contracts.

$34.2 Billion Program. The FSS program, also known as the GSA Schedules or Multiple Award Schedule program, is the government’s most used commercial-item purchasing channel. The program accounted for approximately $34.2 billion of federal contract awards in fiscal year 2018. It provides a convenient and effective procurement option for agencies and contractors: ordering activities enjoy simplified ordering procedures and reduced prices, while schedule contractors connect with federal business quickly and easily. Program features such as Blanket Purchase Agreements and Contractor Team Arrangements greatly enhance the flexibility of the program. The rule goes into effect on May 23, 2019. For the text of the rule, see ¶70,030.211.

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