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Friday, December 14, 2018

Government Didn’t Document Staffing Evaluation

By Government Contracts Editorial Staff

The Comptroller General sustained a protest of a contract award for dense wavelength digital multiplexing fiber services because the contemporaneous record contained no evidence showing the government considered the awardee’s proposed staffing. The request for proposals provided for an evaluation of technical approach, staffing, past performance, and price. Under the staffing factor, the government was to evaluate each offeror’s key personnel qualifications. The protester received four strengths and an outstanding rating under this factor, while the awardee received no strengths and an acceptable rating. According to the protester, the awardee’s acceptable rating was unreasonable because it failed to provide information required by the RFP and the government provided no explanation for the rating.

No Discussion in Record. The government maintained the RFP gave it discretion to determine whether a proposal satisfied the RFP’s instructions and the awardee’s proposal discussed all required staffing and expertise relevant to accomplishing its proposed solution. However, the record did not support the government’s position. The staffing factor required the government to “evaluate the combination of skills and experience of the offeror’s proposed non-key personnel to determine the overall experience and qualifications of the contractor’s proposed team, relative to the requirements of the solicitation,” and offerors were to provide an overarching description of their proposed team for each phase of the requirement. Here, the evaluation report contained no discussion at all of the awardee’s proposed staffing. The evaluation simply concluded, without explanation, that the awardee’s proposal was acceptable. The Comptroller General recommended the government reevaluate the awardee’s proposal in accordance with the RFP and document both its evaluation and a new source selection decision. (AOC Connect, LLC, 33 CGEN ¶116,178).

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