Government Contracts FAR Proposed Rule Encourages Vendor Feedback
Thursday, August 2, 2018

FAR Proposed Rule Encourages Vendor Feedback

By Government Contracts Editorial Staff

The proposed rule associated FAR Case 2017-014 would amend the Federal Acquisition Regulation to establish a standard survey for obtaining voluntary feedback from actual and potential offerors on government contracts and solicitations. Pursuant to a proposed solicitation provision, all actual or prospective offerors would be encouraged to provide feedback on the pre-award process, including debriefings. Feedback would be made anonymously by going to A standard process in the FAR for obtaining voluntary feedback following a contract award would provide more meaningful insight on ways to strengthen the contracting process than can be derived by relying on ad hoc or periodic agency satisfaction surveys. Proposed FAR 5.407 and FAR 42.1401 would encourage contracting officers, in accordance with agency policy, to invite interested sources—actual and potential offerors—to provide feedback on various aspects of the pre-award acquisition process and debriefings, with a particular emphasis on how information is communicated. The FAR Council welcomes input on any matters related to vendor feedback, including specific examples of industry standards, alternative regulatory approaches, and legal definitions that work well in other areas. Comments on the proposed rule are due September 21, 2018. For the text of the rule, see ¶70,006.330.

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