Government Contracts Executive Order Prioritizes AI Research and Development
Monday, March 4, 2019

Executive Order Prioritizes AI Research and Development

By Government Contracts Editorial Staff

Executive Order 13859 directs the federal government to prioritize research and development of America’s artificial intelligence capabilities. The order identifies five key areas to accomplish this goal: (1) investing in AI research and development by encouraging agencies to prioritize AI investments; (2) unleashing AI resources by making federal data and models more accessible to the AI research community; (3) setting AI governance standards to foster public trust in AI by using agencies to develop and maintain approaches for safe and trustworthy creation and adoption of new AI technologies; (4) building the AI workforce by directing agencies to prioritize fellowship and training programs to prepare for changes relating to AI technologies and promoting Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics education; and (5) international engagement and protecting the United States’ AI advantage by calling on agencies to collaborate with other countries while protecting the nation’s economic security interest against competitors and adversaries.

American Leadership. According to the order, developing America’s ability to leverage AI is critical to increasing prosperity, enhancing our national and economic security, and protecting our values. Further, AI is critical to driving growth of the U.S. economy, enhancing our economic and national security, and improving our quality of life. Also, continued American leadership in AI is of paramount importance to shaping the global evolution of AI in a manner consistent with our nation’s values, policies, and priorities. Accordingly, the order requires regulatory agencies to establish guidance for AI development and use across technologies and industrial sectors, and calls on the National Institute of Standards and Technology to lead the development of appropriate technical and safety standards for AI systems.

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