Government Contracts DHS Rescinds Subcontracting Plan Reporting Clause
Tuesday, January 29, 2019

DHS Rescinds Subcontracting Plan Reporting Clause

By Government Contracts Editorial Staff

A final rule amends the Department of Homeland Security Acquisition Regulation to remove the clause at HSAR 3052.219-70, Small Business Subcontracting Plan Reporting. HSAR 3052.219-70 required contractors to enter the information for the Subcontracting Report for Individual Contracts (formally the Standard Form 294) and the Summary Subcontract Report (formally the Standard Form 295) into the Electronic Subcontracting Reporting System at DHS made the change because the requirements of this clause duplicated the requirements in the FAR 52.219-9 Small Business Subcontracting Plan clause. Therefore, the HSAR clause is no longer needed to provide guidance to contractors. The rule also amends HSAR 3019.708-70, which had prescribed HSAR 3052.219-70. The final rule adopts the proposed rule (¶72,315.10) without change. For the text of this final rule, which goes into effect on January 28, 2019, see ¶72,300.20.

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