Government Contracts Comments Requested for Review of USML Categories IV and XV
Monday, March 25, 2019

Comments Requested for Review of USML Categories IV and XV

By Government Contracts Editorial Staff

The Department of State and the Bureau of Industry and Security have issued advanced notices of proposed rulemaking requesting public comments to inform their review of the controls implemented in recent revisions to Categories IV (Launch Vehicles) and XV (Spacecraft) of the United States Munitions List (International Traffic in Arms Regulation 121.1) and the related transfer of items to the Department of Commerce’s Commerce Control List (Supplement No. 1 to Export Administration Regulations Part 774). To ensure controls align with the government’s national security and foreign policy objectives, the State Department and BIS regularly review and update the USML and the CCL to account for technological developments, issues related to the practical application of these controls, and changes in the military and commercial applications of items covered by the USML or by the corresponding “600 series” and 9x515 ECCNs on the CCL. Category IV was most recently fully revised on July 1, 2014 (¶70,445.98). Category XV was most recently revised on January 15, 2017 (¶70,445.121).

Streamline Export Controls. These USML categories include launch vehicles, guided missiles, ballistic missiles, rockets, torpedoes, bombs, mines, and spacecraft and related articles. The reviews seek to ensure that the CCL describes these items clearly, captures items in normal commercial use, accounts for technological developments, and properly implements the national security and foreign policy objectives of the U.S. The agencies seek comments on ways to streamline export control regulations for the U.S. commercial space industry, as well as international partners, to lower administrative burden, decrease regulatory compliance costs, as well as increase exports to bolster the U.S. space commercial sector and industrial base. Comments on these requests are due by April 22, 2019. For the text of the ITAR ANPR, see 84 FR 8486. For the text of the EAR ANPR see 84 FR 8485.

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