News: Health Reform WK-EDGE Wrap Up, WHITE PAPERS: How the AHCA directly impacts significant parts of the ACA

May 17, 2017
...The legislation makes significant changes to some parts of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) (P.L. 111-148 ), in particular repealing the employer and individual mandates; scaling back Medicaid expansion; and repealing many of the taxes included in the ACA... The Senate is now considering the legislation, and is likely to make substantial changes to the AHCA, or even start from scratch on new legislation. Moderate Republican senators in particular are concerned about the changes to Medicaid coverage that roll back the ACA’s expansion of the program... WhitePapers NewsFeed AccessNews AgencyNews CadillacTaxNews ContraceptionCoverageNews EmployerMandateNews EnrollmentNews EssentialBenefitNews FederalFMAPNews GeneralNews HealthInsuranceExchangeNews IndividualMandateNews...
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