News: Health Reform WK-EDGE Wrap Up, HEALTH CARE REIMBURSEMENT AND COMPLIANCE TOP STORY—CMS LETTERS: States get 3 more years to propose home- and community-based transition plans

May 17, 2017
...In a Centers for Medicaid & CHIP Services (CMCS) Information Bulletin, the agency announced that it will allow give states until March 17, 2022, to demonstrate compliance with HCBS requirements for settings in which a transition period applies... projects or waivers under sections 1115, 1915(b), (c), or (d) of the SSA that provide medical assistance to individuals dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid, at the HHS Secretary’s discretion (see Final rule sets requirements for expanded home and community based services , January 16, 2014)... of care and minimize the potential for unnecessary disruption in services." In a March 14, 2017, letter, Verma and Price advised state governors that they planned to extend the compliance period and discussed other planned changes to the Medicaid program (see Did CMS just sound the death knell for Medicaid expansion? , March 15, 2017)...
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