News: Health Reform WK-EDGE Wrap Up, COST-SHARING—NEWS: It’s never too early to worry about next year’s subsidies

April 19, 2017
...On April 12, 2017, groups ranging from BlueCross BlueShield Association to the American Hospital Association joined forces to urge key members of the Trump Administration to ensure that CSRs are funded for the 2018 plan year... These groups expressed concern about the stability of the market, noting that nearly 60 percent of consumers who purchase coverage on the marketplaces receive CSR payment assistance... Companies: BlueCross BlueShield Association; American Hospital Association IndustryNews: NewsStory AgencyNews CostSharingNews EnrollmentNews HealthInsuranceExchangeNews InsurerNews PremiumNews TrumpAdministrationNews FedTracker HealthCare NewsFeed...
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