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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

ABA’s 65th Antitrust Section Spring Meeting set for late March

The American Bar Association will hold its 65th Antitrust Law Spring Meeting on March 28-31, 2017, at the Marriott Marquis in Washington, D.C. With over 3,000 antitrust and consumer protection delegates from around the world, the Spring Meeting is the world’s largest gathering of competition and consumer protection practitioners and officials.

Registration opens at 3:30 on Tuesday, March 28, with a "Pathways to Leadership" presentation. Afterwards, there will be several concurrent events, including a "Reception for International Enforcers," "Cocktails for Consumer Protection," and "Young Lawyers & Law Student Happy Hour."

Wednesday will feature a welcome reception and Plaintiffs’ reception, as well as programs on "Who Wants to be an Ethics Millionaire? Ethics"; "Agency Update with the U.S. Department of Justice"; "Avoiding E-Discovery Accidents & Responding to Inevitable Emergencies"; Competition and Consumer Policy in the Green Economy"; "Consumer Protection Year in Review 2016"; "Merger Control in Critical Foreign Jurisdictions"; "Robinson-Patman: Revival of an Endangered Species?"; "Samples and Averages: When are they Classy?"; "Back to the Future: Hospital Merger Enforcement"; "Continental Divide: Differing Approaches to Loyalty Incentives"; "Do Cartel Fines Measure Anti-Competitive Harm?"; "FTC Part 3 Proceedings: Preparing for the Test Case"; "Fundamentals–Antitrust"; "Merger Review: Private Equity Funds, Beware!"; "Navigating Ethical Minefields in Antitrust Class Actions"; and "Regulating by Consent-Fairness For All?"

After a Searchable Antitrust Library (SAL) Awards Luncheon, the conference will continue on Wednesday with programs on "Debating Class Action Mechanisms in the U.S. and EU Debate"; "Eyes on the 1-800 Prize: IP Restrictions and Online Competition"; "Fundamentals-Consumer Protection"; "Leniency at 25: More Jurisdictions, But More Effective?’; "Pharmaceutical Mergers and Innovation—Incentivizing v. Suppressing Development"; "Playing to Beliefs: Taking Advantage of Popular Wisdom"; "State Aid: Competition Law v. Tax Breaks and Local Incentives"; "Advertising Bargains: Is the Price Right?"; "Antitrust in Latin America: Quo Vadis?"; "Clearing the Deal in 30 days"; "Fundamentals–Economics"; "Joint Defense Group Ethics Debate"; "Practicing in the New Music Licensing Marketplace"; and "What Brexit Means for Competition Law and Practice."

On Thursday, the conference will continue with programs including "Advertising Mock Trial: False, Misleading or Deceptive?"; "Briefing with the State Enforcers"; "Competition and Consumer Law Issues with Customer Profiling"; "Europe’s "Actavis" Moment: Lundbeck v. Commission Herding Cartel Cases - Reconciling and Resolving Multiple Proceedings"; "Strategically Fixing a Merger"; and "Chair’s Showcase: Promoting Competition/Protecting Consumers: In Sync or at Odds?" After lunch, the conference will feature programs on "Antitrust Enforcement Priorities for the New Administration"; "Benchmarking: Legitimate Corporate Communication or Potential Collusion?"; "FCC, FTC, EU, and the Internet of Things"; Joint Ventures-Keeping Competitor Collaborations Compliant"; "Unfair Methods of Competition Around the World View from the Bench on Merger Cases"; "Antitrust Penalties in Asia"; "Data Protection: Global Convergence or Roads Diverged?"; "Practice, Ethics and Privilege After the Yates Memo Ethics"; "Representing Non-Party Witnesses in Merger Investigations and Litigation"; and "Using Antitrust Convicts in Antitrust Compliance Programs." Tickets for a luncheon reception and section dinner are available for purchase.

On Friday, the conference will feature concurrent programs, including "Agency Update with the FTC Bureau Directors"; "Expert Testimony of the Future: Machine Learning"; HSR Exemptions: Running Out of Gas?"; "Standard-Essential Patents and Patent-Assertion Entities: International Developments"; "The Future of Financial Consumer Protection Regulation"; and "Views From the Bench on Non-Merger Civil & Criminal Cases."

The conference will conclude with an "Enforcers’ Roundtable" moderated by William C. MacLeod, with Margaret A. Ward as questioner. Panelists will include the Assistant Attorney General, U.S. Department of Justice, Antitrust Division; the Chairperson of the Federal Trade Commission; Victor J. Domen; Alejandra Palacios Preito; and Margrethe Vestager.

Attendees may register online at the ABA website. The brochure for the conference provides additional details about registration, travel information, the schedule of events, and presenters.

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